The year 2023 is approaching its end, and soon it will be time for a break in our busy lives. In Digita, the year has been exciting: we have taken significant steps in our Telecom growth operations, and in our Broadcast business, we have prepared for the upcoming HD transition. Alongside positive business news, it was especially pleasing that our most important resource, our satisfied staff, deemed our company worthy of the Great Place to Work certification. I hope that the sense of community and pride in our work are also evident in our daily interactions with you.

The decision made by Yle’s board on October 24, 2023, to end basic TV broadcasts during spring 2025 marked the long-awaited start of the HD transition. We are very pleased that antenna TV viewers will have equal access to high-definition broadcasts in the coming years.

Antero, our pay-TV service, has captured the hearts of TV viewers in its own style, and the brand’s awareness has skyrocketed, reaching 35% overall and 48% among the target audience.

Access to reliable information is crucial in the current uncertain global situation. We ensure the functionality of our radio and TV services even in exceptional circumstances, so that real-time information from reliable media is available to every Finn every day and every hour of the year.

In our Telecom business, our new “Pieni Paja” Data Center was launched earlier this year, and the business has progressed as planned. We have expanded our service offering with our partners Bitmore and Rubynet allowing us to provide cloud services for our customers. Digita Data Centers was established as a separate company as of July of 2023.

New partnerships have also been forged in the Private Network business. In the fall, we announced a collaboration with Siemens, alongside our existing technology partner Nokia. The private network market looks promising, and companies’ interest in their own secure and reliable 5G networks is growing. 

Furthermore, our IoT business keeps growing. With dozens of water supply customers, we have a strong foothold in the Finnish water utility market. We also provide IoT solutions for many other sectors, e.g. the predictive maintenance of power grids. We will continue to introduce new services in 2024.

In line with our strategy, we have over the years solidified our position as a provider of diverse digital infrastructure and services, as well as the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication towers. This unique position in the Finnish market is something that we wanted to crystallize in our recent rebranding project: we are creating a digital infrastructure for the future. We want to do this responsibly and with high quality, as evidenced by the ISO27001 certificate, which is already widely used in our business operations.

Warm thanks for the past year, dear customers and partners, and a peaceful Christmas season! This is a good starting point for continuing together towards the next year!

Vesa Tykkyläinen