Nokia is a world leading technology provider in private networks. Nokia technology is channeled through partners and Digita achieves the Nokia Advanced partner level to offer tailored private wireless solutions based on Nokia’s technology in Finland.

Nokia offers an industry leading portfolio for private wireless networks

Nokia has decades of IP, optical and wireless experience in building a private wireless network that powers a successful digital transformation. Nokia’s references include:

  • 420+ enterprise customers have deployed Nokia private wireless solution globally in a variety of vertical segments
  • 370+ LTE networks for mobile operators that serve more than 75 percent of the world’s LTE subscribers 
  • 1,500+ mission-critical networks for a wide range of enterprises, including utilities, mines, airports, maritime ports, manufacturers and logistics companies

Nokia offers industry leading portfolio for private wireless networks from IP and optical products and mobile networks to end user devices and private network applications.

Private networks are delivered by Nokia partner companies

Nokia partner companies are focused on helping to leverage the full potential of the Nokia solutions. With Nokia partner companies’ deep industry and technology expertise, you can implement solutions to help achieve your business objectives.

Digita has deep expertise in versatile network solutions

Digita has decades of experience in planning, roll-out and maintaining high quality RF networks. Digita has all the needed capabilities to offer tailored high quality private networks as a managed telecommunication service to various fields of industry.

Together with Nokia, Digita offers private network solutions as a comprehensive service in Finland, so you can focus on your core business and its development.

Digita achieves the Nokia Expert partner level

Advanced certification is only granted to the companies that possess excellent understanding of private network technologies and their applications. Digita’s and Nokia’s background and capabilities create a market leading combo for private network. Nokia brings world-leading private network technologies to the collaboration, while Digita contributes their expertise in versatile network solutions.


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