Kalmar, a subsidiary of Cargotec, has implemented a private network representing new stand-alone 5G technology at Cargotec’s Tampere location together with Telia and Telia’s partners Digita and Nokia.

Thanks to the private network, Kalmar is now able to develop new integrated solutions for the product development of communications and cargo handling technology at its Technology and Competence Centre in Tampere, where the company has the largest test field for port automation systems in the industry.

“As a pioneer in terminal automation and energy-efficient cargo handling, we want to be at the forefront of utilising the latest technology in our product development. The reliable wireless 5G connectivity provides a good basis for developing even safer and more efficient solutions”, says Antti Kaunonen, President, Kalmar Automation Solutions.

The stand-alone 5G network implemented in Tampere represents the latest 5G development and is one of the first implementations in the world to be carried out to this extent. The stand-alone network enables utilising all of the latest 5G features, such as private networks, network slicing and highly uniform automation implementations.

“Kalmar’s example shows that industrial 5G is now evolving to deliver on the technology promises. It is great to see that Finnish companies are at the forefront of the world in demonstrating how 5G brings real business benefits through increased efficiency and security”, says Janne Koistinen, Director of Telia’s 5G Programme.

“The state-of-the-art private network is always adapted to the customer’s needs, in Kalmar’s case that means delivering and building the latest network technologies to promote product development”, says Henri Viljasjärvi, Director, Business Development at Digita.

A key element in the project’s joint product development efforts is the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) solution. The Nokia DAC is an industrial-grade digitalisation platform that provides a reliable, secure and high-performance private wireless network with connectors to other industrial systems and cutting-edge computing capabilities on a cloud-based monitoring system. The end-to-end solution utilises Nokia’s industrial 5G devices.

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