Digita’s map service states the TV and radio coverage in the area

Map service instructions:

  • Search the name or address of the location, or choose the desired station
  • You can see the coverage of a specific channel by clicking the logo of the channel in question in the TV channel menu

NOTE! The channel coverage areas may vary within the multiplex.

You can view broadcasting station-specific information by selecting the broadcasting station in question on the map or by using the address to search for the location of TV reception. In that case, the map service automatically suggests the information of the best possible broadcasting station according to its calculations. NOTE! The best reception signal can only be confirmed based on expert measurements on site.

After selecting an individual broadcasting station, the light blue colour on the map indicates areas where special attention must be paid to terrestrial television reception on the direction of the antenna and a proper antenna system (which may require a more powerful antenna).

The map service also states the distance to the broadcasting station and the direction of the antenna.

Network availability

TV channels are bundled into multiplexes. The number of channels varies in different parts of Finland, as each commercial television company decides, within their licence, which tv stations they use to broadcast their programmes. Digita negotiates with its customers on network expansion. The related decisions are communicated widely through media and on this website.

Coverages of all multiplexes transmitted through Digita’s terrestrial network starting from 1 January 2020.

The channel coverage areas may vary within the multiplex. Detailed information on the coverage areas and the names of supplementary broadcasting stations is available from Digita’s map service.

Click the map images to view PDF maps. You need Adobe Reader software to view the files.

Digita owns the rights to the coverage maps published online at digita.fi. Copying and using the images without Digita’s permission is prohibited. For more information, please go to communications(a)digita.fi.


Coverages of all multiplexes

Multiplex A


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Multiplex C


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Multiplex E


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Multiplex B and F


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