Viewers of terrestrial television gain equal access to high-definition broadcasting – consumers are recommended to check the compatibility of their receivers

Television channels currently showing on the antenna network will soon switch to HD broadcasting. On October 24, 2023, the Administrative Council of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE decided that it will stop broadcasting its channels on the terrestrial antenna network using the basic DVB-T1 technology (SD) in spring 2025. This means that SDTV channels will stop broadcasting, and viewers will need an HD receiver (DVB-T2) to watch these channels. The SD distribution of YLE’s channels on cable TV networks will end at the same time. Other Finnish TV operators have also agreed to the schedule and are ready to make their own decisions on the distribution of TV channels.

With the transition to HD, all channels distributed on terrestrial television networks will ultimately switch to high-definition broadcasting.

This is a joint project for the entire television industry with the purpose of making it possible for antenna households to receive high-definition images on all television channels. There are five free HD channels available on the terrestrial television network at the moment: YLE TV1 HD, YLE TV2 HD and YLE Teema & Fem HD as well as MTV3 HD and Nelonen HD. A number of pay-TV channels are also available in HD.

Make sure you are ready for HD

High-definition broadcasts allow for a brighter, more vivid color scheme and a sharper image. The broadcasts will have both HD resolution and multichannel audio (Dolby 5.1). This turns sports and movie nights into even more realistic and life-like experiences.

Consumers receiving TV programs via the terrestrial television network should check the compatibility of their receivers well in advance. On the terrestrial television network, you can test the readiness of your receiver by running a channel search on your TV. If channel 21 is YLE TV1 HD, your television is HD-ready, and you do not need to purchase a new receiver.

If you do not see HD channels on your television, you will need to get a new HD TV before the final transition takes place – there’s still plenty of time to act.

There’s no need to make changes to the antenna system if it works flawlessly.

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