Telia and Digita will provide a 5G private network together with Nokia to Posiva Oy for the needs of the disposal process of nuclear fuel to be completed in Eurajoki.

The private 5G network enables the operation of an advanced automation system in the disposal process. The automation built with the support of modern 5G technology improves process safety for employees.

As a result of the production of electricity, nuclear power plants produce radioactive spent nuclear fuel, which must be cared for in a way that does not not harm people or the environment. Posiva is the first company in the world to build a facility for the safe disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

“For us, functionality and reliability are of utmost importance. Posiva, as the responsible licensee, is responsible for all safety at the disposal facility,” says Pasi Tuohimaa, Communications Manager at Posiva.

5G private network is an independently operated mobile network separate from the public 5G. In their own network environment, the customer’s critical traffic is fully secured, and all 5G features that support industrial automation, such as massive capacity and low latency, are fully available to the customer.

“Interest in private networks is growing rapidly, and getting selected by a socially significant player like Posiva is an important sign of confidence in the cooperation between Telia, Digita and Nokia on the front line of 5G,” says Kaisa Pajari, Director of Networking and Communications Services, Telia.

The 5G network will be built at the Posiva plant in 2022 and its use will begin in connection with the testing of the disposal process in 2023. The buildout of 5G network for this critical location will be a Finnish operation, using Nokia’s Finnish technology.

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