Expanding your edge to Helsinki? Looking for new facilities for you server hardware and data communications equipment? Or do you need a secure location to run you backups and to implement your Disaster Recovery plans? Digita provides reliable and stable colocation services for companies looking to relocate their server environments and data communications equipment to the very best location.

Digita has several data centers in the Helsinki metropolitan area and equipment facilities all over Finland. At the Helsinki Pasila Data Center region customers benefit from the best possible connectivity with the biggest IXP in Finland present and a multitude of carriers and network service providers available. We also have Remote Hands services available for you to use to ensure smooth operations on-site.

Digita’s modern Pieni Paja data center offers big opportunities

Digita is expanding its data center business activities in the heart of Helsinki.

Digita is answering the capacity demands of a digitalising world by making a significant investment in its data center business activities in the telecommunications hub of Pasila. The data center, which has been named Pieni Paja, will be built near Digita’s current data center facilities and will offer the quick reaction capability and low response times required by digital services thanks to its excellent connections.



By locating your business-critical hardware environment in Digita’s secure and reliable data centers, you will benefit from the best possible connectivity to the networks of most telecommunications operators. Robust power supply backups, precise condition monitoring and fire extinguishing systems ensure the best possible conditions for your equipment and guarantee you access to your device at any time.

We provide:

  • Colocation services
  • Full racks
  • The option of bringing your own racks
  • Tailoring in accordance with power consumption
  • A three-phase power supply
  • A power supply of up to 10 kW per rack
  • Dedicated space or your own cage


The best network is not based on bandwidth alone. Digita’s Helsinki Pasila region is located right in the heart of Pasila’s media hub, where also the FICIX Helsinki IXP (Internet Exchange Point) is located. This enables easy connection and peering with the network operators or the partners you need.

From Digita’s Helsinki Pasila region we are also connected to the international Cinia network, which uses the C-Lion1 submarine cable between Finland and Germany. This enables the lowest latency route to central Europe.

The region consists of two availability zones that are interconnected with fiber on separate routes.


The Remote Hands service allows our data center customers to outsource the physical presence in the data center to our digital experts. We offer a wide range of expert services that streamline the everyday operations of your business, allowing you to focus on your core operations. 

Digita Remote Hands Tasks include:

  • Technical presence in the data center where necessary
  • Technical fault repair service
  • Hardware installations and configurations
  • Equipment rack installations
  • Hardware component installations and removals
  • Reception of hardware deliveries
  • Hardware inventories
  • Maintenance of wiring installations
  • Wiring client hardware to enclosures
  • Cross connections
  • Hardware transfers in and between data center rooms
  • Visual authentication
  • Secure storage services

Digita’s Data Center features


Ensuring a secure power supply is one of the key tasks of our data center services. To ensure a continuous power supply, our facilities are backed up with powerful UPS systems and diesel backup generators.

  • All data centers have two independent power lines leading all the way to the racks.
  • The backup generators secure the electricity supply, even in the event of long power outages. This guarantees power for organisations that need 24/7 availability for their infrastructure.
  • A redundant power supply for each facility also evens out power spikes and secures a clean, continuous power supply for critical device environments.


The cooling system of the data center is based on the district cooling network of the City of Helsinki, allowing the generated waste heat to be recycled to heat properties. Conditions are monitored 24/7.


The cornerstone of our operations involves keeping our customers’ hardware environments secure. Physical security has been implemented in each and every data center so as to guarantee the safety of the customer’s equipment. In addition, a range of additional services are available for tailoring security functionality to customer needs.

  • Perimeter and object monitoring
  • Access control cards and keys (biometrics)
  • Recording video monitoring and access control system
  • Lockable racks
  • 24/7 control room
  • Customized solutions available for dedicated facilities


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Pieni Paja Data Center offers big opportunities

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