Hybrid TV = TV + internet

Hybrid TV combines the best parts of TV and the internet

Hybrid TV introduces interactive functionalities of the internet into television to complement the linear content and enriches the viewing experience significantly.

The complementary services of Hybrid TV are channel-specific. Online content related to channels and complementary online services related to the broadcasted programme can be offered through Hybrid TV so that you can easily and quickly return to watching the programme. In addition, Hybrid TV allows you to watch a programme while you use the Hybrid TV services.

The Hybrid TV service launched by Digita in 2015 combines television and online services. The difference between Digita’s Hybrid TV and smart TV is that the services provided by the Hybrid TV, such as Yle Areena, Ruutu and the Finnish ice hockey league results service, are sent out with the programme flow instead of as separate applications. Hybrid TV thus allows many services to be connected to the programme flow, while also enabling interactive advertising. In addition, you can view the online content of channels on a big screen through Hybrid TV.

Judge from your couch and dive into the additional programme content

Hybrid TV allows you to participate in shows, for example, by using your remote control to vote for your favourite, and you can view the additional programme content or follow the tag flow in social media.

See which programmes currently have active Hybrid TV services. Visit hybriditv.fi for further information

The remote control’s red button is the key to Hybrid TV services


HbbTV is short for Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, a standard combining TV broadcasts with a broadband connection, bringing online TV functionalities within easy reach of viewers. HbbTV services are available to viewers of terrestrial television and through some cable operators’ networks. Your television receiver is required to have an internet connection and the HbbTV feature must be enabled.

HbbTV is widely used in Europe. For further information on the application standard, go to the address www.hbbtv.com

Watch a video of what the Nelonen Media’s Ruutu service looks like in Hybrid TV:

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