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A television or set-top box with the marking DVB-T and DVB-T2 is required in order to watch digital television broadcasts through the terrestrial television network. DVB-T2 enables the reception of high-definition (HD) broadcasts.

Televisions can be so-called integrated televisions, with in-built digital technology. No separate set-top box is needed in addition to an integrated television. If your television is not integrated, you can receive terrestrial television broadcasts by getting a set-top box that has a DVB-T or DVB-T2 marking.

High-definition broadcasts (HD)

To receive high-definition broadcasts, you need a television or a set-top box that can receive HD broadcasts. Receivers that are suitable for this purpose can be identified by the Antenna Ready HD marking.

Most televisions on the market support HD channel reception. An HD set-top box is sufficient if you do not need a new television for some other reason. A list of approved devices can be found at

Household appliance shops can provide more information on the available devices.

Further information on high-definition broadcasts is available at the address

Hybrid TV services

In the future, there will be a wider selection of TV services and, when purchasing a new television, you should check that the television also supports the new Hybrid TV services. Hybrid TV receivers support HD broadcasts automatically.

Hybrid services can be used with most smart tv models sold in 2014 and after that. Hybrid TV services are available when the smart tv is connected to a broadband network and services have been activated in the television settings (hbbtv).

Household appliance shops can provide more information on the available devices.

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