Site Services

Digita’s site services allow the quick and cost-efficient roll-out of a network all around Finland. Our local presence guarantees information on the best sites. We search, design and build the site according to the customer’s wishes. We lease antenna and equipment room space on our own sites and if needed, manage all of our customer’s sites for them.

Site search and design

We find the most suitable sites using our local knowledge and design software. Our databases and comprehensive maps give a flying start to finding the most promising base stations locations quickly. We design all wiring, mast, antenna and equipment installations. If needed, we build a whole new site for the customer. Digita will acquire all licences and permits needed for a site.

Site management

We offer different forms of site co-operation – from marketing to structural arrangements. If necessary, Digita will take care of the maintenance and regular service of the customers’ site and maintains a database of tenants. Our site database covers in practice all operating sites in Finland.

Site leasing

We lease space for antennas and equipment for the implementation of wireless networks. Our flexible service is tailored to each customer individually. Our site leasing service can also be carried out as a turnkey solution, in which case it includes all design, installation and maintenance services.

In addition to sites, we also offer capacity for data transmission. Our data transmission networks and sites cover the whole of Finland.


Ari-Pekka Ainonen
Director, Site Services
Esko Nerelli
Sales Director, Telecom
Harri Lipponen
Account Director
Esko Nerelli
Sales Director, Telecom
Data Center