Would you like to interview an expert of digital infrastructure or smart solutions of the future? What does 5G mean for Finns? What does IoT really mean and what does it enable? Do you need information about our broadcasting networks?

Digita’s employees include world-class experts of digital infrastructure and broadcasting operations. Contact our communications department and we will help you find the right expert.

You can find Digita’s press releases and maintenance and fault bulletins under the Media section.

Our image bank includes images related to our operations and towers, which can be freely published. Please mention Digita as the source when publishing images from the image bank. High resolution images are for press use only. Images may not be used in violation of generally accepted practices or for commercial purposes. Digita’s logos can also be found in the image bank.

Digita’s media contacts:

Minna Flink, Director, Communications and Marketing
minna.flink(a)digita.fi, tel. +358 40 742 8849

Media inquiries can also be sent to: communications(a)digita.fi

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