Digita has two main areas of operation: Broadcasting and Telecom.


Broadcasting covers our radio and TV services. Our unique connections enable the transmission of video, audio and data via TV, radio and the Internet.

For TV distribution, Digita offers media companies a full service for distributing TV and video content to Finnish viewers. The full service consists of Terrestrial TV and online distribution services, which are linked together by Hybrid TV. In addition, Digita provides TV signal encoding and distribution services to other cable and IPTV service providers.

Terrestrial TV offers customers a content distribution channel that covers the whole country, reaching all Finns through one partner. Our goal is to increase the amount of HD content on the terrestrial TV network, and in spring 2020, we will also be able to distribute Yle’s HD broadcast content to viewers. Read more>>

Hybrid TV solutions provided by Digita enrich the viewing experience by bringing the interactive features of the internet to television. The advertising and analytics services offered by Digita also enable solutions based on unique user data. Read more>>

Digita also provides media companies with comprehensive distribution solutions, where online distribution plays an increasingly prominent role. Digita develops online distribution systems with the aim of providing the same reliable, high-quality and flexible distribution solutions available through Terrestrial TV.

At the beginning of 2020, Digita took its first steps as a pay television service provider in the terrestrial television network. Pay TV offers HD-level content to consumers and covers 90% of the population. We have expanded the coverage area of certain channel packages, which are now available throughout Finland. Read more>>

We are also looking further into the future by mapping the potential of 5G Broadcasting standard as one of the TV distribution options of tomorrow.

We also produce radio services all over Finland backed by our vast experience and knowledge. Our services cater to various needs: we produce high-quality radio service independent of scale, from single transmitters to national coverage. “Event radios”, or radio broadcasts covering a short period of time or an individual event, have become more common over the past few years, and we can provide the services for these broadcasts at short notice. Read more>>


Our Telecom branch focuses on services based on digital infrastructure, including the Internet of Things, data centres, ownership and management of telecommunications towers and infrastructure facilities (facility services) and expert services. 

As per our strategy, we are increasingly investing in the Telecom area of operation with the support of our owner, Digital Bridge. As a major independent service provider, we want to develop and provide all operators, other companies, the public sector and authorities in need of excellent communication links with the digital infrastructure they require, including the design, construction (everywhere in Finland) and maintenance of the infrastructure. Facility services, which is one of our growing areas of operation, covers the ownership and management of telecommunications towers and other infrastructure facilities. (We work with both municipal facilities management units and private real estate companies.)

Our Data Center services provide reliable and stable data centre facilities for companies considering the relocation or decentralisation of servers or other telecommunications equipment. The technical solutions of the data centres, their central location at a telecommunications node and stable facilities provide a secure and reliable environment for IT hardware. Digita’s data centre services meet the strictest security and availability criteria. Read more>>

We offer a complete infrastructure for the Internet of Things, i.e., IoT, as a service platform for our corporate partners’ solutions. Our LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network, which covers the whole of Finland, uses LoRa (Long Range) technology, which is the first technology in the world developed specifically for the Internet of Things. Data produced by measuring sensors that use a minimal amount of energy can be transferred long distances wirelessly. Thanks to our high masts and network based on the bi-directional LoRa technology, controlling the various devices connected to the network is cost-efficient and simple. Read more>>