How IoT helps monitor indoor air quality

Digita’s nation-wide LoRaWAN network utilises LoRa (Long Range) technology, which is the first technology in the world to be developed specifically for the Internet of Things and has already grown to become a global telecommunications standard. IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN are inexpensive, long-lasting and practically maintenance free. The sensors they utilise are lightweight and simple to install, and they have a battery life of up to ten years.

To us, IoT sensor technology is not just a rosy vision of the future but an everyday reality – all the sensors and other equipment we offer can be found in our warehouse today.

LoRaWAN offers a number of options for monitoring indoor spaces

Monitoring the quality of indoor air in both public spaces and at home is a timely concern. In particular, indoor air in many schools and day-care centres and its effects on health have sparked much conversation and led to many corrective measures. Absences due to illness resulting from allergic reactions and asthma symptoms are a not-insignificant strain on the national economy – reducing them has been estimated to lead to savings of up to billions of euros. The proportion of allergic reactions and asthma symptoms resulting from indoor air has been estimated at approximately 75%, revealing the crucial role indoor air quality plays.

Good indoor air quality is also important for residential satisfaction and economic living. Digita’s goal is to give developers and corporate landlords the means to develop new services that improve living comfort and energy efficiency.

Our modern LoRaWAN network makes it possible to collect comprehensive and high-quality environmental data from both residential and working spaces, allowing for measures to be taken to ensure high indoor air quality based on that information.

Monitoring applications include:

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Carbon dioxide content of indoor air
  • Volatile inorganic compounds (VOC)
  • Air pressure differential between indoor and outdoor air
  • Effects of outdoor conditions on indoor air

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