How IoT helps with water supply

IoT is an everyday thing for Digita. Digita’s LoRaWAN network that covers the whole of Finland uses LoRa (Long Range) technology, which is the first technology in the world developed specifically for the Internet of Things and has already become a global telecommunications standard. IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN are affordable, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free: the sensors are lightweight and simple to install and have a battery life of up to 10 years.

IoT is the solution for the digitalisation of water supply

Water supply is rapidly going digital using smart meters based on IoT technology. Digita already has ongoing projects related to the remote reading of water meters with dozens of customers across Finland, in which the data collected through the LoRaWAN network is resulting in concrete business improvements.

For us, IoT is not just a beautiful vision for the future, but an everyday thing: all the necessary sensors and other accessories can be found in our warehouse today.