Colocation Services

By locating your business-critical hardware environment in Digita’s secure and reliable data centers, you will benefit from the best possible connectivity to the networks of most telecommunications operators. Robust power supply backups, precise condition monitoring and fire extinguishing systems ensure the best possible conditions for your equipment and guarantee you access to your device at any time.

We provide:

  • Colocation services
  • Full racks
  • The option of bringing your own racks
  • Tailoring in accordance with power consumption
  • A three-phase power supply
  • A power supply of up to 11 kW per rack
  • Dedicated space or your own cage

5 reasons to locate your Data Center with Digita in Helsinki

For data caching and compute, Digita Data Center in Helsinki is the best place to serve customers in the whole Nordic region. Feel free to tell us what you need, we will find the solution for you.

1. The most connected Data Center in Finland

We offer you the latter. Our location, right at the center of the Finnish media production campus, is ideal when you need ultra-fast international data connections.

2. Flexible Services

We know that your needs are not necessarily fixed nor perfectly predictable. Therefore, we offer you several options to make your
colocation service more flexible:

  • Possibility to customize power supply
  • Possibility for customized space
  • Nationwide edge locations available,
    according to your geographical needs
  • Remote Hands services


3. Devoted Customer Service

Whenever you need support, you can count on our dedicated service manager being there for you. Someone who knows you
and your situation inside out.

4. You are in control 24/7

Naturally, your network and server environments run reliably 24/7 – just like the Finnish TV signal distribution system we manage. But you may also want to check physically that everything is ok. No problem: you will have a 24/7 access to your racks in all our Data Centers.

5. Greener and cleaner Data Centers

The modern district cooling system we use reduces electricity consumption for cooling purposes up to 60 per cent, thus making colocation at Digita Data Centers a sustainable choice. Digita has also been granted Renewable Energy Certificate from EECS(European Energy Certificate System).