Digitalisation enables the development of new types of business in various industries. With modern technology, physical business processes and material flows can also be digitalised, thus achieving higher productivity through streamlined operations, increased automation and the introduction of, for example, robotics solutions. Modern production environments require wireless data transfer. The private network brings technologies familiar from public mobile networks, such as 5G, to companies to be used in a new way. Significant new business benefits and competitiveness can be created by matching the opportunities provided by private networks with business needs and bottlenecks.

Based on studies, industrial operators can achieve up to 8.5% savings in their operational costs through mobile robotics, condition monitoring, location tracking for materials and optimisation of material flows (ABI Research, May 2020).

Private networks allow secure and reliable wireless networks to be implemented in places where no wireless connections have been available. In addition, they provide high-performance connections for locations having bottlenecks when operating through Wi-Fi or public mobile networks.

Private networks based on the 4G technology have recently been built for business-critical environments, mines, ports, factory sites and hospitals. The latest technologies can also be utilised in private networks, and the first private 5G networks are already in test use.

Modern wireless private networks offer significant operational benefits:

  • The network coverage area and capacity can be adapted to the specific characteristics of the location and use cases
  • The network features and services are optimised to ensure reliable transfer of voice and data in the network
  • Compared to public networks, traffic in a private network is lag-free and 100% secure

Scalable solutions from a strong and agile partner to enable the benefits of digitalisation

Digita offers private network solutions as a comprehensive service that is always based on understanding the customer’s business needs and processes. On this basis, Digita designs a solution package adapted to the operating environment and user needs. Digita’s private network solutions are highly scalable, from a single indoor space with a few terminals all the way to implementations spanning large outdoor areas and complex campus facilities. The private network solution is an operated telecommunications service and includes 24/7 maintenance. And the great thing is that no private network investments are required from you, as we provide everything for a fixed monthly fee.

As part of the package, we can also supply terminals tailored to a wide range of environments. We also offer various added value services in connection with private networks.

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