Hybrid TV services are available to you immediately when your television has been connected to both the terrestrial network and internet.

Checklist for setting up Hybrid TV:

Make sure that your television is connected to Digita’s terrestrial network. To check this, go to channel 38. If you can see the Estradi channel, you are connected to the terrestrial network. Hybrid TV is also available through Telia Cable TV.

Is your TV connected to the internet? You can connect your television wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable.

Does your television support HbbTV version 1.5? As a rule, most televisions support this version. The HbbTV support and version are provided in the product information of the television, and you can also check it from the seller or importer of the device.

Has HbbTV been enabled in the television’s settings?

HbbTV services are usually enabled by default.

When everything is in order, go to a free channel, press the red button and enjoy hybrid services!

How to use the hybrid applications?

A significant part of televisions sold in Finland have a Hybrid TV feature, even if this is not separately stated. Digital receivers can also be updated afterwards.

Hybrid services are enabled in your television immediately when you connect your smart television to the internet and enable HbbTV features in the settings. HbbTV is enabled by default in most televisions.

The key is the red button on your remote control, with the red button icon that automatically appears on the screen encouraging you to press it. The button looks slightly different depending on the channel, as each channel uses its own hybrid TV application. This icon only appears on televisions in which the Hybrid TV feature has been activated and which are connected to the internet.

Press the red button to open a menu through which consumers can select the application they want. The available applications vary depending on the channel, and many channels have deployed features that are linked to the programme that is being broadcast.