Do you want to provide better service to your water utility customers?

Remote reading of water meters with the help of IoT has already made it possible to move on from estimated billing. With the new My Water Service by Digita, you now get access to comprehensive, up-to-date overviews of your customers’ water consumption and problems with water supply. The service is available on both desktop and mobile.

What benefits does My Water Service offer water service providers?

My Water Service by Digita is a cloud service that offers additional services for remotely readable water meters. It allows you to

  • monitor the water consumption of main water meters on the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly level
  • give cost estimates for water consumption
  • directly transfer meter readings to billing
  • view the status of main water meters
  • get alerts on pipe leaks and risks of freezing, backflow and water consumption that exceeds set limits directly on the map
  • in the future, also get readings from other instruments in the network, such as flow and pressure sensors.

All this makes it possible to provide customers an improved level of service on matters related to water consumption. The tracking reports can also be shared with end users to help raise awareness about water consumption. My Water Service complies with the provisions of the GDPR, and end users can only view data from their own water meters.

What are the benefits of My Water Service to housing companies?

The My Water Service opens up significant new possibilities for housing companies:

  • apartment-specific tracking of water consumption enables billing based on actual consumption
  • remote reading of water meters improves cost-effectiveness
  • the service issues alerts and reports on abnormal water consumption

How My Water Service works

Digita at the forefront of remote water reading

Digita is a stable and trustworthy domestic operator offering ready LoRaWAN infrastructure as a service platform for our partners’ IoT solutions.

Water supply is rapidly going digital with the introduction of smart water meters. We cooperate with dozens of water service providers around Finland in projects related to remote water meter reading. Our goal is to digitalise the some four million water meters in Finland. To achieve this, we work in close collaboration with system suppliers and the importers and distributors of smart water meters.

Our latest innovation is My Water Service, which helps take your company to a new level in the digitalisation of operations and improved customer service.


Mona Miettinen
Senior Sales Manager, IoT