Remote reading of water meters with the help of IoT has already made it possible to move on from estimated billing. With the new My Water Service by Digita, you now get access to comprehensive, up-to-date overviews of your customers’ water consumption and problems with water supply. The service is available on both desktop and mobile.

What benefits does My Water Service offer properties?

Digita’s My Water modernises water metering in properties

With buildings being subjected to new energy efficiency legislation, water meters must now be installed in new buildings as well as buildings undergoing plumbing renovations to facilitate billing based on flat-specific meter readings and actual consumption. In practice, this means that flats must have flat-specific remotely readable water meters. The My Water Service, launched by Digita in the spring of 2020, offers a comprehensive solution for tracking the flat-specific water consumption of properties.

Digita’s My Water Service allows property owners, property managers and maintenance companies to obtain a broad and up-to-date view of the water consumption of properties, and each resident can monitor their own consumption.

 The benefits of remote water meter reading are significant:

  • flat-specific monitoring brings savings in water and energy consumption
  • smart meters allow any hidden leaks to be detected more quickly
  • automated data collection provides accurate daily consumption data directly to both the biller and the resident, and estimated billing can be abandoned.

Why Digita’s My Water Service?

The My Water Service is an easy and effortless overall solution for the introduction and utilisation of remotely readable water meters. Remotely readable water meters connected to a wireless IoT network can be installed in both old and new buildings without wiring, and the installed meters will run on batteries for up to 15 years. The meters transmit consumption data wirelessly to Digita’s IoT network and further to the My Water cloud service, which provides the user with comprehensive and up-to-date overviews of water consumption data and problems with water supply.

The service also offers tracking reports to residents, which raises awareness of their own water consumption. Reducing the use of hot water in properties cuts down the carbon footprint of housing as energy consumption decreases.

Comprehensive total service for property owners

Digita offers My Water to property owners as a comprehensive service that includes the acquisition of meters, installation, maintenance, data transfer and cloud service. Digita is responsible for the overall solution throughout the contract period. Digita’s My Water is a risk-free option in a rapidly changing technology environment.

Digita at the forefront of remote water meter reading

Digita is a stable and trustworthy domestic operator offering a complete LoRaWAN infrastructure as a service platform for our partners’ IoT solutions.

Water supply is rapidly going digital with the introduction of smart water meters. Our goal is to digitalise the some four million water meters in Finland. To achieve this, we work in close collaboration with system suppliers and the importers and distributors of smart water meters.

Our latest innovation is My Water Service, which helps take your company to a new level in the digitalisation of operations and improved customer service.


Mona Miettinen
Senior Sales Manager, IoT
+358 400 721 700