Kurikan Vesihuolto Oy and Digita have started cooperation in the digitalisation of water services. New remotely read water meters and real-time monitoring of water consumption will be introduced in stages by 2025. The digitalisation of water services makes use of Digita’s LoRaWAN-based IoT network.

In addition to remotely read water meters, Kurikan Vesihuolto intends to make more extensive use of the digitalisation of water at the water supply plant. In the future, real-time monitoring will also enable monitoring of water leaks at properties as well as new type of invoicing once invoicing based on estimates can be abandoned.

“We are well on track with regard to the digitalisation of water services, and the cooperation we have started with Digita makes it possible to take another step in the right direction”, says Juha Kotiranta, CEO of Kurikan Vesihuolto. “Digita was chosen as our partner to implement the digitalisation of water services thanks to a very successful pilot phase and Digita’s nationwide IoT network”, Kotiranta adds.

“We are pleased to be able to cooperate with Kurikan Vesihuolto and that we can promote the digitalisation of water services through our services and expertise. The renewal of the water meter base and the transition to real-time invoicing will also improve the service for the end customer”, says Mona Miettinen, Sales Manager, IoT Services at Digita.

Media contacts:

Kurikan Vesihuolto Oy, Juha Kotiranta, CEO, tel. +358 (0)50 5356424, juha.kotiranta@kurikka.fi

Digita Ltd, Mona Miettinen, Sales Manager, tel. +358 (0)400 721 700, mona.miettinen@digita.fi

Kurikan Vesihuolto Oy takes care of water services in the City of Kurikka. Our customers include households, companies and cooperatives in the area. Our most important product is high-quality domestic water, the uninterrupted availability of which we take care of 24 hours a day. We are also responsible for the maintenance of the sewer network and the treatment of wastewater.

Digita is a provider of digital infrastructure and services and the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts. The company owns and operates Finland’s leading national terrestrial television and radio network, acts as a pay-TV operator for the antenna network, and develops future broadcasting services. Digita’s telecommunications services include private networks, indoor coverage solutions, telecommunications rooftop management services, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) and data center services. Services are provided to media companies, consumers, mobile operators, industry, infrastructure companies and property owners. Digita employs 180 experts nationwide.