• Providing Enterprise-Class Data Center Solutions Including Colocation, Connectivity, and Cloud Services
  • Data Center Campus is located in Highly Connected Hubs including Pieni Paja in Helsinki

Helsinki, 13 June 2023 – Digita, a leading provider of digital infrastructure services, is excited to announce the separation of its data center business into a new company, Digita Data Centers Oy. This strategic move will enable enhanced customer service, expanded business opportunities, and the development of innovative services in collaboration with partners. Digita Data Centers Oy will operate as a subsidiary of Digita Ltd.

Over the past two decades, Digita’s data center business has experienced remarkable growth, and this decision underscores its potential for further expansion. In 2021, Digita made substantial investments in constructing state-of-the-art data center facilities adjacent to its existing centers within the Helsinki telecommunications cluster. Earlier this year, Digita proudly unveiled the launch of the new Data Center called “Pieni Paja”, designed to meet the most stringent security requirements.

Markus Ala-Hautala, COO of Digita, remarked, “Our data center business has evolved significantly, and we believe it holds exceptional growth prospects. Our customers value our data centers’ strategic location within a telecommunications hub, as well as our customer-centric, reliable, and agile approach. The new Pieni Paja data center caters to companies in all customer segments.”

Data center offering in brief:

Data center capacity is tailored according to customer needs, meeting the requirements of high availability, security and ecological efficiency.

Connectivity. Excellent Digita data centers are located in the most central telecommunications hub, which also includes an Internet exchange. The hub hosts 22 telecommunications operators.

High-quality consultancy and professional services are provided by security-classified personnel with years of experience, who are responsible for all customer service, monitoring, maintenance and specialist tasks concerning the data centres, allowing them to react extremely quickly to any disruptions and sudden changes.

Juha Syrjänen, Director of Data Center Services at Digita, emphasized, “We provide customized data center capacity that aligns precisely with our customers’ requirements for high availability, security, and ecological efficiency. Our data centers benefit from excellent location with most of the telecom operators are present. Additionally, our dedicated team of experienced, security-classified personnel offers top consultancy services, professional customer service, 24/7 service management, maintenance, and specialized tasks supporting the customers.”

With the launch of Digita Data Centers Oy, Digita is poised to unlock new opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. By consolidating its data center business into a dedicated entity, Digita reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovative, secure, and reliable digital infrastructure solutions.

For more information, please contact:  

Digita Ltd, Juha Syrjänen, tel. +358 50 486 7676, juha.syrjanen(a)digita.fi

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