The City of Rauma and technology company Digita have entered into a cooperation agreement for the provision of a service related to the placement of operators’ base station equipment in buildings owned by the city. The collaboration is in the early stages, but practical work is scheduled to begin as early as during the summer. In practice, Digita will be managing the premises leased to operators going forward, enabling coordinated and consistent processes.

“We have previously been in charge of managing our rooftop base stations ourselves, but this has proved to be a fairly chaotic situation and an accurate overall picture has been lacking. Digita offered a solution to this, and like many other cities, we decided to take them up on it. Going forward, Digita will handle these processes in a more coordinated and centralised manner”, says Olli-Pekka Kumpula, Director of Facility Services at Rauma.

Until now, the leasing of rooftop base stations has been handled in Rauma in a very fragmented manner and by various people. This will change with the collaboration, with Digita taking care of everything on a centralised basis. In addition, the City of Rauma will not have to allocate personnel resources for the processes of these contracts in the future.

The residents of the municipality will also benefit from the collaboration. The number of rooftop base stations will be increasing, which means better network connections for the municipal residents.

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration being launched with the City of Rauma, which allows us to expand our offering of high-quality digital infrastructure for mobile operators and other parties building mobile networks in the Rauma region. In practice, this means that we will be responsible for all leasing and contract management related to telecom operations going forward, and our customer can focus on their own core business”, Digita’s Chief Operating Officer Markus Ala-Hautala says.

Digita Communications