Digita is one of the partners of the current season of Big Brother Finland, which premiered on 6 September 2020 on Nelonen. Developed by Digita together with media companies, Hybrid TV offers TV viewers the opportunity to influence the content of the show and to participate in eviction votes with the touch of a coloured button on their remote controls. The Hybrid TV app enriches the experience and makes it easier for viewers of Big Brother to interact with the show.

“Digita has a long history of developing various Hybrid TV applications together with television companies. These applications include Hybrid TV voting, which has proven popular thanks to its simplicity and ease of use while watching the show. Voting is easy when you can vote for your favourite housemate free of charge with only the touch of a remote button and without having to use any other devices or apps”, Teppo Ahonen, Digita’s Director of Video Delivery Services, explains.

This is why Hybrid TV is an extremely popular voting channel and has a significant impact on the results. The click rates of Hybrid TV extra services have been as high as 60%. By partnering up with Big Brother Finland, Digita wants to raise consumer awareness of the new ways in which Hybrid TV can be used.

New opportunities for advertiser-funded programming

With more and more households using Hybrid TV, completely new opportunities are emerging for advertiser-funded programming. “For advertisers, a Hybrid TV app for a TV phenomenon like Big Brother is a great platform to increase the visibility of the show’s partners. In addition to brand visibility, working with a TV show can also include strategic components, such as prize draws”, Ahonen adds.

“Digita has combined the technical components of traditional TV advertising and online advertising with great success. With Hybrid TV, an eye-catching interactive advertisement can be displayed during channel-switching or together with an advertising spot. With these campaigns, advertisers can collect identified contacts for example through prize draws as long as they have the appropriate advertising permits”, Ahonen says to describe some new TV advertising products. “I encourage advertisers to take advantage of these unique features made possible by modern television in their marketing campaigns.”

Currently, Hybrid TV services cover approximately 600,000 terminals and, through them, about one million pairs of eyes. And the number continues to increase as devices are replaced. On average, half of the half a million Hybrid TV terminals are turned on every day, that is, 250,000–300,000 terminals.

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