HELSINKI 14, May 2024 – “Simply put, a functioning smoke alarm means that the smoke alarms in the apartments have functioning batteries. Ensuring this requires rental companies to take a completely new approach to the way they do things now that the residents are no longer responsible. Some housing companies may be concerned about how much of a burden the reform will put on them,” says Tuomas Kolkka, Vice President, IoT, Digita.

The change will result in significant improvements in the fire safety of apartments. It has previously often been inadequate due to residents not taking care of their smoke alarms – there have been no smoke alarms, they have not been on, or there have not been enough of them in the apartment. However, it takes time to react to the new legislation, and some rental companies are more active than others. Many housing companies are wondering how to find an effective and sensible solution that would minimize manual work, such as frequent home visits. Many service providers have already begun to offer total solutions and are piloting their solutions.

“IoT fire alarms enable the housing company to monitor the state and functionality of smoke alarms remotely, directly through the network. You do not have to visit the properties constantly as it is now possible to avoid unnecessary maintenance checks. This has an impact especially on the time spent on work but, for the housing companies, it also means clear financial savings,” says Kolkka.

The transition period ends on December 31, 2025. In particular, the legislative amendment affects apartment buildings and row houses, where the absence of a smoke alarm or its failure to operate may also affect the fire safety of neighboring homes. In the case of residential fires, 36% of the homes were missing a smoke alarm completely in 2022.

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Tuomas Kolkka
Vice President IoT
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