Digita’s Mobile Network Services team from left Pekka Koskinen, Juho Mäkitalo, Matti Parkkisenniemi, Henri Viljasjärvi, Tommi Korhonen, Kari Lehtonen, Heikki Sulander, Kasperi Jääskeläinen and lawyer Mari Karttunen who works closely with the team.

Tommi Korhonen, the Mobile Network Services team’s Delivery Manager, started working at Digita in the spring of 2021. “I’m actually a ‘returnee’, because I used to work at Digita ten years ago as a radio network specialist,” Korhonen says. Korhonen’s duties are extremely varied. He is also responsible for customer deliveries. “My job is to make sure that customers get the network services they order on time and at the agreed price,” Korhonen explains.

Digita’s future mobile networks will be tailored flexibly to the customers’ needs. Korhonen hopes that authorities will also make it possible to utilise 5G frequencies in more flexible ways. “Digita’s future private mobile networks will be delivered to customers as a high-quality, cost-effective service,” Korhonen says.

According to Korhonen, one of the most important duties of the Mobile Network Services team is to expand Digita’s range of services in a customer-oriented and profitable way without compromising on security and quality.

Kari Lehtonen started working as a System Manager at Digita a little over a year ago. Before joining Digita, Lehtonen spent 25 years at Nokia. “My duties at Digita actually include all sorts of things related to the planning of architecture, implementation, installation, documentation, testing and deployment. My job is very technically oriented,” Lehtonen explains.

Lehtonen hopes that, in the future, Digita will be able to offer a number of different networks in Finland and that the greatest emphasis will be on 5G networks. “We offer networks on a service principle, which lets customers focus on how best to use them to address their needs,” Lehtonen says.

Heikki Sulander, who started working as a Sales Manager in Digita’s Telecom Mobile Network Services unit this February, has had the opportunity to develop an entirely new business area for modern mobile technology. “Using modern mobile technology, I have been able to support and expedite our customers’ digitalisation agenda and expand Digita’s private network business”, says Sulander.

Private networks always offer the opportunity to utilise the newest mobile network technology. “The first genuine and independent private 5G networks have already been deployed, and their functions and features related to things like positioning are going to be developing rapidly. On the standardisation front, our focus is already shifting to 6G,” Sulander says.

Digita always implements private networks as genuine local network solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs and adapted to the location and the special requirements of the planned use cases. “We always offer services in a comprehensive way. We never leave our customers to fend for themselves, instead operating and maintaining the networks we build 24 hours a day and 365 days a year,” Sulander says.

Juho Mäkitalo started working as a Project Manager in Digita’s 5G project in August this year. “I wanted to work at Digita because of the challenging and interesting nature of the job,” Mäkitalo explains. His duties are broad and vary from installation planning to management duties and base station deployment. “My job involves all sorts of tasks required to get the project completed,” Mäkitalo says.

Mäkitalo sees Digita’s future mobile networks as the largest and most advanced on the market. “Our most important task is to fulfil the promises we make to our customers,” he says in summary.

Business Development Manager Pekka Koskinen started working at Digita a little under two years ago. “There was a really interesting position open in private network business, which I found technically and commercially fascinating,” Koskinen says.

Koskinen was the first person recruited for the team, which meant he received quite a broad set of duties. “My job includes things like meeting customers, taking part in preparing network tenders, working with our partners Nokia and Telia and, of course, developing Digita’s private network service offering with the rest of the team,” Koskinen explains.

Digita’s goal is to be a market leader in Finland, and the company’s networks range from large networks like that of Kittilä gold mine to networks with only one base station for small companies. “We enable digitalisation in different sectors,” Koskinen says.

Digita’s networks are not reliant on larger networks – they are genuinely separate private networks. As an agile operator, Digita is customer-oriented and excellent at taking customers’ specific needs into consideration. “Our team’s number one objective is to listen to the customer, offer networks that address their needs and, by doing so, create growth for Digita,” Koskinen says.

Project Manager Matti Parkkisenniemi started working at Digita in 2018. “I originally joined Digita’s Mast Team, where my first significant site project was replacing the stays on Pyhätunturi’s mast. I was based at the Ylläs TV and radio station. The work was challenging but also educational and fulfilling,” Parkkisenniemi explains. Now, Parkkisenniemi works on a 5G project at the Kittilä mine and is responsible for practical construction work.

“Work at the mine is very practical, and sometimes it can be quite challenging because of the conditions there. My duties also include training new personnel to build telecom networks as the project progresses,” Parkkisenniemi says. Despite the challenging environment, Parkkisenniemi finds working at the site to be a varied and interesting experience.

The standard for skills and knowledge is high for personnel working with private networks at Digita. There is plenty of demand and potential for development. “The way I see it, we are trailblazers creating a new path for Digita to go down,” Parkkisenniemi says.