In picture Jari Karhu, Ossi ilveskosi, Jani Saari and Juha Ourila.

Digita’s Tech team solves problems, creates new things and makes the impossible possible

Jani Saari, Business Manager, Digita TV, started working at the company in the early 2000s. Saari, who has now been with Digita for almost 20 years, was attracted by the newness of the company’s operations. “Terrestrial digital TV broadcasting had just begun in Finland. I was fascinated by the prospect of joining a company that was developing something new and making it available to many people. With respect to TV broadcasting, the situation was quite different from what it is now, but developing our portfolio of TV services for customers is still at the heart of Digita’s operations.”

Saari has wide-ranging tasks at Digita. His job includes managing customer accounts and helping other salespeople with terrestrial television distribution and technical issues related to Media Gateway services. “My typical day often consists of meetings with customers and the development of Digita’s services and operations with my colleagues and customers,” says Saari.

Evolution and development describe Digita’s operations perfectly. The aim is to constantly enhance Digita’s TV services. TV services are evolving and viewer experiences of terrestrial television broadcasts are expanding thanks to related services such as HybridTV. In addition to TV services, Digita offers even more comprehensive services to customers.

In its operations, Digita seeks to make the daily lives of its customers easier. “Customers have the opportunity to get all their TV distribution needs from a single provider,” says Saari. Digita offers support to new start-up customers to help them launch their TV operations. The company makes things easy for customers so they can focus on their own core competencies while Digita takes care of TV channel distribution.

Ossi Ilveskoski, Director, Pay- TV Services, joined Digita around three years ago. Ossi says that he originally joined Digita to handle designated customer accounts in the TV business. Along the way, he became immersed in a pay-TV-related project that he has now been working on for just over two years.

Customers and their satisfaction are close to Ilveskoski’s heart. “My work tasks in the pay-TV business are  diverse. My typical day at work involves everything from strategic planning to business development, content agreement negotiations and, of course, serving our customers. The most rewarding part of my job is satisfied customers,” he says.

Ilveskoski says that Digita’s future TV services will fulfil three criteria. The services will still reach big audiences. “People want to experience great phenomena when they occur or they become news,” he says. Ilveskoski also explains that TV services are not tied to a certain location. “You can take terrestrial TV services with you wherever you go – and they’ll be interactive. With HybridTV services, viewers can influence what happens on a show and also participate in it.”

Digita is the only TV services company in the Finnish market that lives and breathes TV services. For Digita, it is extremely important that content providers and viewers are satisfied with its services. “We must offer the highest-quality service in the country to all our customers, whether they are channel companies or pay-TV customers,” he says.

Business Development Manager Juha Ourila joined Digita just over a year ago. Ourila works in business development, which includes forward-looking 5G broadcast projects, new product development and B2B marketing communications. His job tasks are diverse. He says that there will be plenty of demand in the market for Digita’s future TV services.

Ourila’s responsibilities also cover data and analytics. “My day includes working on projects independently, internal meetings, and meetings with partners and customers,” he says.

Digita is the only provider of linear broadcast services in Finland. “The greatest difference to other sectors is that the TV network operator business is heavily regulated by the authorities and the number of customers is small,” he says.

Jari Karhu is, along with Jani, one of the most experienced members of Digita’s TV team. Karhu started working at Digita in 2001. Serving as Business Manager in the TV team, he is responsible for HybridTV advertising. “I spend my days working with the TV team members and customers,” he says.

Digita’s TV services revolve around terrestrial TV distribution, so-called head-end services, he says. Digita is also developing entirely new services for television companies to revolutionise the TV user experience with participation in viewing both programme content and advertising.

Karhu says that a broadcast-level high availability approach guides the TV team in all its operations – and thanks to this, Digita stands out from the competition. “What we Digita employees all have in common is that we’re interested in high-quality communication – that is, offering Finns reliable service and a wide range of things to watch and listen to nationwide, every day of the year.”

Digita’s Tech team solves problems, creates new things and makes the impossible possible

Tommi Heikkilä, Technical Service Manager at Digita, works between business operations and technology, with responsibility for developing online distribution and HybridTV platform services and heading up related projects. “My workdays include communicating with different stakeholders as well as developing and providing services,” says Heikkilä, who has been with Digita for 20 years.

Jimi Toivonen works as a Service Coordinator in the Tech team. Toivonen has been with Digita for just over a year. He works on pay-TV customer service and backoffice functions for customer service. “Solving problems is at the heart of what we do,” he says.

Service Architect Lauri Autio works on interesting analytics related to areas such as HybridTV operations.  “The Tech team is united by its robust expertise in different areas of responsibility,” says Autio, who has been with Digita for almost three years.

Lead Developer Jonas Kostiainen is the newest member of the Tech team. “I joined Digita half a year ago. In addition to orientation, I have got to grips with HybridTV projects,” he says.

Designer Paul Kumlin has worked in the Tech team for more than five years. “My job includes the design of TV systems, for instance,” he says.

Lead Developer Seppo Sormunen has been with Digita for two years. Sormunen works on software development projects, from design to hands-on programming. “In the Tech team, we solve problems – and want to create something new,” he says. Mika Sorsa, who has worked at Digita for 20 years, is a Service Developer in the Tech team. Sorsa handles a wide range of project duties in Digi-TV services. He says that the Tech team makes the impossible possible.