Digita’s IoT team employs a group of top professionals from very different backgrounds and areas of expertise. The team’s members are united by a strong belief that IoT will change society for the better.

Digita’s IoT team, from left Tom Moliis, Jarkko Miettinen, Ari Kuukka, Nicolas Le Bail, Mika Flinck, Jukka Sohlman, Mona Miettinen, Karri Sohlman, Tuomo Hörkkö ja Juhani Farin, behind the camera Sini Forsblom.

Sini Forsblom is the team’s Customer Service Manager. Fifteen years of experience in B2B sales led Sini to join Digita in late 2018. Sin’s duties include daily customer service, developing the customer management systems and processes of the IoT business, and sales invoicing for the IoT business.

Sini sees the IoT as having nearly limitless potential. “The possibilities offered by IoT are astonishing. Digitalisation brings significant benefits to businesses, including cost savings, improved efficiency and visibility of operations as well as opportunities for new growth. Consumers will also benefit through more accurate monitoring of water temperatures for swimmers, for example. IoT also helps promote green values that are important to me personally.”

Tuomo Hörkkö has worked for Digita for nearly 17 years. In June, Tuomo started in a new role as a Customer Success Manager. He has also worked as a project manager in the IoT team for the past four years. With experience from several IoT projects with small and large customers, Tuomo also frequently serves as Digita’s technical contact person. In his new role, Tuomo’s duties shift to a more commercial focus, but he will continue to work closely with technologies as part of Digita’s IoT team.

Tuomo sees massive global potential in the IoT. “IoT will certainly reshape our world in many ways. Remote reading of water meters is just one very concrete example.”

As the IoT team’s Network Manager, Tom Moliis is responsible for the expansion and maintenance of the IoT network. In practice, his work involves planning new base stations, in other words deciding where and how to expand the network in a way that is cost-effective and useful for the nationwide network even after several years. Tom’s duties also include providing training and guided tours and material purchases.

Tom has more than 20 years’ experience in network expansion and maintenance tasks, among other areas. Tom sees the competitive advantages of the IoT a significant. “Among other things, IoT gives access to real-time data on matters that previously had to be monitored manually. In other words, it automates and improves access to data in many areas, thus improving competitiveness.”

Jarkko Miettinen is the IoT team’s Product Manager and in charge of developing cloud services. Jarkko has worked in the IoT industry in various tasks ever since public interest in the field began and the first applications of “the Internet of things” were developed in the 1990s. Jarkko highlights the role of the IoT as a way to build a more sustainable society.

“IoT has already transformed society and will hopefully steer us on a more sustainable path, in particular through more efficient use of energy and raw materials. As part of the greater trend of digitalisation of society, IoT will improve productivity and enable new innovations. Digita’s LoRaWAN network is an excellent platform for expanding digitalisation in Finland. Devices can be easily connected to the nationwide network, and data from sensors can be used for countless purposes.”

Jukka Sohlman works in the team as a Customer Support Engineer. His duties include technical support, which in practice means everything from shipping out hardware to decrypting and studying payload data from sensors. In addition, Jukka assists the IoT team’s sales representatives.

Technology is close to Jukka’s heart. Jukka has worked with software for over 20 years, and he joined Digita’s IoT team in February 2020. Jukka sees potential in IoT in promoting green values, among other things.

“IoT expands our understanding and makes decision-making easier thanks to sensors that collect data on issues that matter to businesses. IoT helps businesses and individuals promote green values. Individual citizens also benefit from the fact that their property is traceable and their home conditions kept under monitoring.”

Juhani Farin is the Sales Manager of the IoT team. His first brush with the field of IoT came in his previous job, but Juhani joined Digita for the exciting opportunity to get deeper insight into the world of IoT. According to Juhani, IoT opens up totally new possibilities for both businesses and individuals.

“IoT frees up peoples’ time by digitalising manual work. IoT can also help conserve resources in order to save on costs and reduce the load on the environment. The benefits of IoT will be gradually available to everyone, both businesses and ordinary consumers. The IoT is already all around us, even if we don’t always notice it. Its possibilities are nearly limitless and new applications are constantly invented. There hardly exists an industry or area of life that could not be improved with the help of IoT.”

Nicolas Le Bail works in the team  as a Project Manager for IoT service platforms. Nicolas is involved in the development of IoT systems whose goal is to enable Digita to offer added values to customers but also to enable greater scalability to IoT business.

16 years ago, Nicolas moved from Brittany, western France, to Helsinki and started in Digita as an antenna specialist. Over the years, his interest in data processing led him to study software development and cloud computing. Nicolas thinks that in the future we will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the IoT.

“The wider use of IoT solutions means an increasing amount of data being processed. I think we are still quite at the beginning of understanding the potential of exploiting, combining and analyzing this data. Big data and machine learning are going to change our society.”