During the autumn of 2016, Digita started to build a network that is based on the LoRa technology and that enables a national Internet of Things (IoT) and its possibilities. Digita is the first in Finland to offer possibilities to monitor and control devices very cost-efficiently.

Thanks to Digita’s high masts and the network based on the bi-directional LoRa technology, controlling the various devices connected to the network is cost-efficient and simple. 

According to Henri Viljasjärvi, Director, Radio and Consultancy services at Digita, the IoT network based on the LoRa technology has three clear advantages: it is always online, devices are energy-efficient, they can operate for as long as ten years on a single battery, and all data collected by the devices can be taken into use cost-efficiently. 

Unlimited possibilities 

LoRa technology is also bidirectional, meaning that, besides measuring, it can also be used for controlling devices that are connected to the IoT network. IoT technology enables a nearly unlimited number of various applications. In addition, data security in IoT networks is very good, as all data is encrypted twice. The opportunities provided by IoT extend to fields that have so far not been connected with digitalisation. 

“IoT can be used to monitor items in an automated manner which could not previously be monitored from the cost perspective. Technology is useful, for example, in measuring conditions in built environments and nature so that we can affect the well-being of people and animals. In this way, we will live in a more intelligent environment in the future,” says Viljasjärvi.

Cost benefits to the real estate sector 

The first phase has included building a network, and now the adoption is being extended. According to Viljasjärvi, there are a great number of companies in the real estate sector that develop and use the technology, and tests and pilots have been prepared for most utilisation areas. 

“At first, concrete needs have been fulfilled in the sector, such as the optimal adjustment of heating. With the help of temperature data collected inside a building, heating can be adjusted better compared with only measuring the temperature outside and in the circulating water,” says Viljasjärvi.

According to Viljasjärvi, now is the time to get started with simple and understandable improvements that are beneficial and develop more complex intelligence alongside concrete actions. 

For example, VVO Group is already using IoT services that can be used for measuring and controlling the conditions in housing owned by VVO. The IoT network is useful both in terms of costs and comfort. 

“Cost-efficiency will improve as heat, water or electricity is not wasted. On the other hand, heating or ventilation is not adjusted to such a low level that a building would suffer from moisture-related damages in the long run, which would cause significant additional costs. Maintenance costs can be reduced when procedures are carried out timely. It is pleasant to live and work in real estate properties connected to the IoT network as well as to visit them without any health-related risks. A property that is managed in this way is also competitive in the market, says Viljasjärvi.

According to Viljasjärvi, IoT will be a definite part of the future also in the real estate sector. 

“The Internet of Things is a necessity. Companies that will use technology to improve their operations will grow. Those who are passive will fade away.” 

Reliable partner for IoT solutions 

Digita is involved in enabling the development of IoT networks and services. A customer or a partner can focus on their core operation while Digita takes care of collecting information and transmitting it. Digita also helps customers find solutions that meet their needs or helps construct them together with partners. 

“We are a stable Finnish operator who is part of a global network through the LoRa Alliance. IoT’s possibilities are not unique in Finland. With the help of the alliance, we can share information on services created by others,” says Viljasjärvi. 

For further information, please contact 
Ari Kuukka, Director, IoT Services 
tel.: +358 40 149 7942 

IoT provides consistent living comfort in VVO Group properties in Espoo.