Let’s take the IoT productivity leap together 

Running faster will not help if your competitors are riding bicycles. The competition for the largest productivity leap is free-style and the use of tools is allowed. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an increasing range of tools for doing things smarter. Perhaps taking long leaps is not so difficult after all. 

A vast range of tools and technical solutions is available for meeting a broad range of challenges. This may make you feel like you are visiting a major trade fair. Your head is already spinning and you still have many exhibition halls to visit. Amidst all this complexity, it helps to simplify things. At least this is what we at Digita believe. Just attach sensors and the data will begin to move. 

Among all of the opportunities that new solutions provide, the ability to ask the right questions is becoming increasingly important. Why do we act like we do? Could we work smarter? Do we waste unnecessary amounts of time, energy or natural resources? Could we shift from the sale of products to services? We need to see that we have the chance to “do things differently”. 

Digita’s IoT pilot customer, VVO Group, has realised this. A steady indoor temperature makes an apartment more comfortable. To enable this, indoor temperatures must be measured. This is what Digita does: we attach sensors to walls and forward the resulting measurement data to the customer.  Such data enables the customer to adjust its heating. It’s as simple as that. 

What is your question and what are your needs? Could you prevent mould problems with humidity sensors, or monitor the occupancy rate of facilities with motion sensors? Can you avoid the excessive use of fertilisers or forecast future conditions using precise environmental data? Or could you improve your services by providing your customers with press buttons that they can use to easily communicate their needs? 

If you find it difficult to ask the right questions and identify your opportunities, it is worth seeking assistance. You can team up with students to develop fresh ideas and approaches. There are also lots of excellent companies in Finland alongside which you can take your ideas forward. You can find inspiring examples both in Finland and abroad. 

Lots of simple and useful services, improvements and radical initiatives are waiting to be discovered and implemented. But to find you must seek – you have to take action. The first success will inspire you to try again. 

When you look back after a few years, you will notice that you accomplished that leap. By joining forces with others, you will have created better services, promoted health or contributed to the wellbeing of the environment. You will be among the top performers – and even stand on the winners’ podium. 

For further information, please contact:

Ari Kuukka
Director, IoT Services
+358 40 149 7942