We solve problems in wind power construction!

We welcome the use of wind power as a renewable energy source. We help in predicting possible interference to TV broadcasts when planning the construction of wind power.

Wind farms may cause interference to, for example, mobile networks in the area, as well as to national and regional radio and TV broadcasts. The effects must be assessed case by case, as their extent is dependent on several factors.

We provide the necessary measurement data on, for example, optimal safety distances and maximum heights. Our wind power solutions include coverage area statements and fault repair services.

Thanks to our solutions, wind power operators can proceed with developing their business while promoting a positive public image. Our customers can focus on their business operations and avoid additional investments otherwise required in fault situations.

Digita’s wind power solutions


Statements required by authorities for environmental impact assessment and zoning processes to ELY Centres, wind power companies and other parties.

Coverage area surveys

Statement on the possible impact of the planned wind farm on terrestrial TV reception. The survey provides a result on the area of impact, the location and number of inhabitants in the area, and the location and number of vacation homes. Based on the survey, the wind power company can plan procedures to correct any interference to the terrestrial TV network.

Wind measurements in Digita’s masts

We lease space for sensors from our large masts in 38 localities. A majority of the masts are 150 to 320 metres in height and provide good conditions for wind measurements. If necessary, we also provide installation service for the wind gauges.

Diverse and independent wind power measurements anywhere in Finland

Digita surveys the interferences caused by wind power plants on terrestrial TV reception. Surveys are carried out by a measuring car or by member companies of the DigitaPRO partner network.

Interference repair service

Based on the measurement data or viewer feedback, we may recommend solutions for the repair of interferences. Our solutions include adjustments to the receiving antenna systems or the so-called supplementary transmission solution.

Adjustments to antenna systems and, for example, the realignment of antennas is carried out in cooperation with a local DigitaPRO antenna contractor. The list of Digita’s antenna contractor partners is found on our website at: www.digita.fi/digitaPRO.

In the supplementary transmitter solution, Digita assembles a ready sub-transmitter package that solves problems with local reception. Digita acquires the permits required for the transmitter.

Advantages of Digita’s wind power solutions

Thanks to Digita’s wind power solutions, the possible interferences caused by wind farms to TV and radio broadcasts can be surveyed in advance. In the event of a problem, Digita can provide a range of preemptive solutions for issues related to reception.

Digita’s solutions give customers the opportunity to plan the development of their business and aid in the promotion of a positive public image. With Digita’s solutions, wind power operators can focus on their core business and preemptively avoid the costly additional investments required in problem situations.

Teemu Lampila
Account Director, Professional & Emergency Services
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