Digita’s network planning provides professional and reliable expertise in planning the construction and optimisation of TV and radio networks. We plan comprehensive solutions for a wide range of network technologies (FM, DVB-T/T2/H, T-DAB/DMB).

The plans are adjusted to meet all needs and requirements of the customer, whether the service is a nationwide network or a solution for locally focused operations. The performance of the planned solution can be ensured with field surveying, with the customer receiving an extensive report of the measurements.


We offer expert help in the planning and optimisation of wireless networks. Our planning services cover network entities, internal coverages and tailored customer solutions and are suitable for a wide range of network technologies.

  • Preliminary planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Implementation
  • Optimisation  

In preliminary planning, a plan is formed to provide an idea of the scope and technical implementation of a solution that meets the customer’s requirements. The preliminary plan is suitable in, for example, the assessment of business plans. Detailed planning, then, produces a solution that is optimised for the customer’s requirements and budget. The documented plan is ready for implementation.

Thanks to proposals for improvement arising from network optimisation, the customer is able to correct the network’s problem areas and improve its cost-efficiency, performance and service level. Through optimisation, the customer also receives valuable information on the current state of the network.

Measurement service

Our customer-oriented and independent measurement service is suitable for the analysis, optimisation and troubleshooting of communication networks.

The measurement service provides valuable information on the operations of both mobile and broadcasting (FM, DVB-T/T2/H) networks. We also perform various RF spectrum measurements in, for instance, the investigation of co-site interferences.

Measurements and their reporting are tailored to fully meet the customer’s needs. Possible objects of measurement include road networks, cities, residential areas, buildings, sea areas and waterways, and railways. Measurements may also be carried out outside Finland.

The measuring equipment used for mobile networks includes the Echo series’ measuring and analysis systems developed by Enhancell for professional use and Anite’s Nemo Outdoor/Handy. In mobile network measurements, network performance and functionality are assessed extensively by using various RF parameters, and customers are always provided with customised site-specific illustrations by network technology for both outdoor and indoor coverage.

Digita has developed a unique mobile field measuring system for use in the measurement of broadcasting networks.

Planning of antenna systems

Our comprehensive planning and measurement service for antenna systems is suited for customers who require transmission antenna or antenna array solutions for wireless communication networks. The result provides the overall amplification and predicted field pattern that may be used in the coverage area plan. We also deliver solution evaluations for antenna manufacturers.

Furthermore, we perform the evaluation of tenders and antenna procurement for network operators.

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