Digita provides mobile network construction services throughout Finland. The quality of our services is guaranteed by the most skilled planners, consultants and installers in the industry. Digita’s broad expertise is founded on our decades of experience on the construction and maintenance of our own wireless networks. This enables us to provide reliable and secure services to our customers.

We install and maintain antennas and equipment for radio networks (GSM/UMTS/LTE and Tetra).

Our services also include the installation of radio links and transmission and data equipment to mast and property sites.

Digita’s customers include authorities, operators and equipment suppliers.

Installation services can be implemented as a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • survey of the installation site
  • site-specific measurements if necessary
  • planning the installation
  • installation of all base station equipment
  • implementation and related measurements

Furthermore, Digita offers services related to the procurement of sites.

Maintenance and fault repair

Digita’s fault repair service operates nationwide on a 24/7 basis, with an appointed fault repair manager on call for each area. The arrangement is exceptional for the industry and ensures our customers the best fault repair service in Finland, from Hanko to Inari.

We integrate our customers’ systems with the operations of Digita’s network management centre. Our top specialists monitor, operate and maintain the networks at the agreed service level. Our fault repair service can be launched anywhere in Finland at all times when needed. Thanks to our unique maintenance organisation, fault repairs will commence where needed on short notice regardless of location or external conditions.

Our comprehensive service also includes the annual and periodic maintenance of masts and equipment facilities.

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