Reliable communication between equipment, sensors and information systems enables flexible customisation of production lines and efficient processes. Wireless connections combined with edge computing enable increased automation and real-time control. Wireless networks introduce flexibility into factory environments and enable the elimination of the limitations of wired networks and any bottlenecks in Wi-Fi and public 4G networks. This lays the foundation for an i4.0-capable production facility.

The increased automation and the utilisation of data enabled by wireless private networks increases the productivity of factories. In addition, various solutions ensure that servicing and maintenance takes less time and is more efficient. For example, sensors connected to a wireless network can automate monitoring and anticipate maintenance needs and thus prevent production outages. With wireless networks, service personnel can, for example, use wireless transfer of video image, which allows experts to provide remote consulting related to the situation at hand. Overall, private networks can be used to implement solutions that reduce production interruptions in critical operations.

A comprehensive wireless network also contributes to safety. Fast, reliable networks enable quick and correct responses in case of danger and enable users to be reached or monitored. Security can also be increased by camera surveillance operated through a private network or by managing terminal-specific rights. If terminals are controlled by the network owner, the owner may decide which applications to install on them and thus control the end users’ activities in security-critical environments.

Pekka Koskinen
Business Development Manager