The triumphant progress of digitalisation has been fast-paced. However, business segments have been advancing at different rates. Private network technology now enables a significant acceleration of digitalisation, especially in the manufacturing industry. Digita’s private network is the key to many new business benefits, such as cost savings, streamlining of operations, and increased reliability.

Wireless networks built locally for company use have so far commonly been based on Wi-Fi connections in various applications. In industrial environments, Wi-Fi networks often face a variety of challenges related to, for example, network coverage, disruptions, or maintainability. These challenges can be eliminated, now and in the future, with a seamlessly functioning wireless private network.

With a private network, the manufacturing industry can benefit from the agility and dynamism afforded by mobility. For example:

  • Assembly lines can be built on wireless communications, making them easily adaptable as production changes
  • AGV trolleys can be used to transport material from storage to the line to increase the degree of automation and optimise manual work
  • Wireless data transfer connections can be seamlessly extended both indoors and outdoors, allowing various indoor and outdoor storage areas of different sizes to be covered effortlessly and without interruption, which enables e.g. the efficient use of ERP/WMS systems

Now is the time to find out how your company could promote business with automation and digitalisation made possible by a private network!

Why should an industrial company switch to a private network?

Private networks provide industrial companies with a wide range of both operational and business benefits:

  • Network coverage: The coverage of a public network may be poor in cold storage rooms or basements, for example. A private network works wherever coverage is needed, even in difficult places.
  • Low latency operation: Thanks to low latency, a private network allows the use of applications that were previously only available with a fixed connection, and the latency remains constant. For example, remote control and data transfer of autonomous devices.
  • Performance and reliability: The capacity and other performance of the private network are decided by the company itself. The entire network capacity is always at the company’s disposal and is not affected by other users, as it would be in a public mobile network. The company also decides on the reliability required of the network, which is ensured by proper implementation and maintenance.
  • Versatility: If necessary, it is possible to connect a large number of different terminals to a private network, ranging from small IoT sensors to a port crane weighing thousands of tonnes and from a standard mobile phone to a drone.
  • Data security:  Data security is easy to manage in private networks, as the company itself decides where data is transferred and who has access to it. If necessary, the private network is implemented as a completely separate, closed network.
  • Safety: A reliable and high-coverage private network enables users to be reached or monitored in case of accident or danger.
  • Cost effectiveness: Based on studies, industrial operators can achieve up to 8.5% savings in their operational costs through wireless private networks (ABI Research, May 2020).
  • Capital efficiency: Optimised use of a private network can reduce the capital tied up in inventories and other fixed assets.

Scalable solutions from a strong and agile partner to enable the benefits of digitalisation

Digita offers private network solutions as a comprehensive service that is always based on understanding the customer’s business needs and processes. On this basis, Digita designs a solution package adapted to the operating environment and user needs. Digita’s private network solutions are highly scalable, from a single indoor space with a few devices all the way to implementations spanning large outdoor areas and complex campus facilities. The private network solution is a managed telecommunications service and includes 24/7 maintenance. And the great thing is that no private network investments are required from you, as we provide everything for a fixed monthly fee.

As part of the package, we can also supply devices tailored to a wide range of environments. We also offer various added value services in connection with private networks.

We utilise Nokia technology in private network deliveries. Nokia, the world’s leading expert in private network technology, has been responsible for wireless private network deliveries to more than 420 customers.