The conditions for power distribution networks, with storms and abundant snowfall, often cause unpleasant and costly problems for the electricity company’s operations. They can be better managed with business-friendly IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN.

On 29th of March 2022 we announced together with Digital Matter, leader in GPS and IoT device development, a new industrial IoT position sensor, the Industrial Guppy for LoRaWAN to support utility network infrastructure management and smart grid operations.

Custom-developed by Digital Matter to solve a million-euro problem, the Industrial Guppy is installed on overhead power lines to monitor the line’s angle and surrounding temperature. When snow or ice accumulates on the line to dangerous levels, the sensor sends an alert to utility network operators ensuring snow clearance before infrastructure damage occurs. Compact and ultra-rugged, the battery-powered position sensor features over 10 years of battery life and is designed to operate in extreme temperatures (-40°C – +125°C).

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Digita and Digital Matter Announce New Industrial IoT Position Sensor for Power Line Sag Detection and Power Pole Condition Monitoring, Smart Grid and Utilities Management on LoRaWAN® Networks

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