Digita’s electricity company solutions

Digita has identified the following challenges faced by electricity companies that can be managed with IoT solutions based on the LoRaWAN network.

1. Snow build up weighing down overhead lines

Reduced repair costs and safety risks

During harsh winters, snow and ice build-up on overhead medium voltage lines can lead to the line breaking and causing an electricity outage that negatively affects the electricity company’s customers. In the worst-case scenario, the built-up snow can cause the loss of a neutral line, potentially leading to a life-threatening situation.

2. Overhead line insulator switches being left open

Cost and time savings

Human error can occur while repairing damage caused by snow build-up or other natural causes. For example, an insulator switch can be accidentally left in the wrong position, which may result in technicians having to drive a significant distance to check the switch if the error occurs in a sparsely populated area. With LoRa sensors, this unnecessary trip can be avoided. The sensor detects the position the switch is in, allowing it to be checked remotely.

3. Storms causing an electricity pole or pylon to lean or fall over

Predictability and cost savings

Powerful thunderstorms or tornados can tilt or even topple medium voltage poles and high voltage pylons – in the worst-case scenario, onto a road. LoRa sensors can detect the angle the pole or pylon is at, giving you advance warning of any potential problems without the need for in-person inspections.

4. Doors of substations being left open and housings being damaged

Time savings

The door of a transformer substation or outdoor distribution board may have been left open for one reason or another. By measuring light levels inside the housing, LoRa sensors can detect an open door or damaged housing. The sensor can also relay information about other factors that are relevant to the safety of the substation or distribution board, such as temperature and humidity. This allows you to avoid unnecessary inspections.

5. Missing cable drums

No waste, time savings

Large cable drums worth up to a thousand euros can be left in the field without knowledge of their whereabouts. The LoRaWAN network allows for modern asset tracking. A GPS-equipped sensor reports the location of the drum and shows whenever its location or position changes, meaning it does not need to be tracked manually.

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