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Digita is a stable Finnish LoRaWAN operator offering a complete infrastructure for the Internet of Things, or IoT in Finland, as a service platform for our corporate partners’ solutions. Thanks to Digita’s high masts and network based on bidirectional LoRa technology, controlling the various devices connected to the network is cost-efficient, simple and reliable.

We’ll focus on our role as a network operator and continue developing IoT solutions in the future and are now selling our sensor inventory for special prices. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

We are clearing out our LoRaWAN sensor inventory and offering discounts on all devices. Please contact our sales representatives for availability and pricing.

Offer valid while stocks last. So act fast!

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Going forward, Digita will be focusing on its role as a network operator while working closely with sensor manufacturers and retailers 

Digita’s primary role on the IoT market is to act as operator for the nationwide, LoRaWAN-based public IoT network.

“We will be focusing increasingly on offering IoT solutions and developing our services. As part of this shift, we will cease to offer LoRaWAN terminal devices by the end of the year”, says Tuomas Kolkka, Vice President, IoT at Digita. “Going forward, we will be working closely with domestic LoRaWAN hardware importers, manufacturers and suppliers. We believe our customers will experience this as a positive change as the supply and availability of devices improves.”

The LoRaWAN ecosystem has expanded and developed significantly in recent years, both locally and globally. LoRaWAN is set to become the leading IoT communication technology. 

“We started building the LoRaWAN network in 2016. When the market was still in its infancy, it was impossible to provide connections without also providing the hardware. Today, there is an ample supply of LoRaWAN terminal devices on the market, sold by a number of suppliers, both in Finland and abroad, and devices are available for practically any purpose. It’s a very good situation for customers and network users”, Kolkka explains. 

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You can find all devices and prices in our sale from the file “Clearance Sale Prices” on the right side of the page. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with a few popular IoT sensors below.


Digital Matter


Small Data Garden

Meet the sensor suppliers

Our IoT services will continue to include consultation on the selection and deployment of IoT devices. If you would like more information on devices and sensor suppliers, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We want to ensure that each and every one of our customers finds the right IoT sensor for their needs.

Our sensor suppliers are happy to answer any questions customers may have concerning the selection and use of device. Digita’s partners and sensor manufacturers can be found here.

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