[HELSINKI], 7 December 2022 – Did you miss the first few moments of the movie when you changed over to the channel, or was it unclear what was going on in the programme? Maybe you don’t have time to finish watching the show right now? Don’t worry, you can start the current programme from the beginning or go to the desired location by pressing the red button on the remote control. Hybrid TV’s Start Over service has expanded to cover not only Sanoma’s and MTV’s TV channels, but also Yle’s TV channels in autumn 2022.

When switching to the channel, a menu appears on the TV screen, where you will find the “Start Over” prompt next to the red button. In this case, you know that the programme in question can be started from the beginning or from the desired point by pressing the red button. You can also pause the programme or move forward or backward in the programme. This gives the viewer flexibility in watching TV.

Digita is constantly working with media companies to develop Hybrid TV services that enrich the experience of watching TV channels with the press of a button on your remote. In June 2022, we announced the Hybrid TV menu, which provides information about the ongoing programme when switching to the channel, as well as the additional services offered by the channel.

Hybrid TV also brings the two-way features of the internet to the TV, easily directly to the TV channels. Hybrid TV services are available across Finland on Digita’s Antenna TV and all of the largest cable TV networks. The new feature is currently accessible on 1.3 million televisions. Hybrid TV services are available on relatively new smart TV devices. All you need to do is connect your television to the Internet.

Example on how to start a tv-show over on Hybrid TV.

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