Digita has completed the changes related to the HD network launch. There were no problems and Digita’s HD network now covers 90% of the population.

Yle’s HD channels Yle TV1 HD, Yle TV2 HD, Yle Teema & Fem HD are available on Digita’s terrestrial network on channels 21, 22 and 25. A UHF antenna is sufficient for receiving the broadcasts, and you will also need an Antenna Ready HD receiver, a television or a set-top box, to view high definition broadcasts. If you cannot view the channels automatically after the transition, the receiver may require a new channel search or the restoring of factory settings. In buildings that have a master antenna, the antenna system may require changes in order to receive Yle’s HD channels. You can check the coverage in your area from Digita’s map service at www.digita.fi/karttapalvelu.

Digita will continue to build the HD network, and the coverage of Yle’s HD channels will expand to cover the entire country on 1 June 2020.

Coverage of Yle’s HD channels on 31 March 2020

What to do if you cannot view Yle’s HD channels?

Normally no changes to the antenna system are needed in detached houses. If the antenna system of a detached house is working and the television is an Antenna Ready HD receiver, all you have to do is perform a channel search with your television set after the transmitters for the area have been switched on.

If Yle’s HD channels are not available in a building having a master antenna after the channel search, and after the transmitter at which the UHF receiving antenna is directed has been switched on, and you have an Antenna Ready HD receiver, you should contact the housing company’s property manager and ask that they check the antenna system.

We recommend that property managers of buildings having a master antenna contact the local antenna contractor so that any required changes or replacements regarding the antenna system can be carried out. To check whether your own television set is HD ready, go to the address www.toimiikotelkkarini.fi.

Searching for channels

Most receivers automatically search for new channels, but some televisions or set-top boxes may require you to re-tune the channels or restore the factory settings. Instructions on performing channel searches can be found on Digita’s website at www.digita.fi/kanavahaku or in the device’s user manual. Digita Info is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at +358 (0)20 411 7676 or info@digita.fi.

The price of a call to Digita Info from a fixed-line telephone is 8.35 cents per call plus 6 cents per minute, and a call from a mobile phone costs 8.35 cents per call plus 17.17 cents per minute. The prices apply to Finnish fixed-line telephone subscriptions and mobile phones. Queuing for the service is subject to a charge.

Media contacts:

Pekka Mattila, VP, Broadcasting, tel. +358 (0)40 545 1309, pekka.mattila(at)digita.fi