Vesikolmio and Digita have started cooperation in the digitalisation of groundwater monitoring. With the cooperation, the groundwater level in the various intake areas of Vesikolmio will be monitored in real time using Digita’s IoT network, which is based on LoRaWAN technology.

The digitalisation of groundwater monitoring makes it possible to better optimise water intake in areas where the groundwater level is not too low. Digitalisation also frees up time for other work, as data on groundwater levels in the various intake areas can be entered into systems without the use of human resources. “Groundwater level sensors are currently in use at two intake areas, and there are plans to increase this number significantly in the near future. For us, the agreement marks a transition to a new, more digital phase in terms of groundwater measurement and monitoring. We are also looking forward to what other innovations and benefits we can bring to our business with the LoRaWAN network”, says Risto Bergbacka, CEO of Vesikolmio Oy.

“The good coverage and reliability of our IoT network played a key role in this cooperation, as data is collected from remote water intake areas. We are pleased to be able to develop groundwater monitoring together with Vesikolmio”, adds Mona Miettinen, Sales Manager for Digita’s IoT services.

Media contacts:

Vesikolmio Oy, Risto Bergbacka, CEO, tel. +358 44 089 0777,

Digita Ltd, Mona Miettinen, Sales Manager, tel. +358 400 721 700,

Vesikolmio Oy is Finland’s oldest wholesale water company as well as one of the largest wholesale water utilities in the country. Vesikolmio brings high-quality domestic water to the municipalities and cities of Kalajokilaakso as well as takes away and treats wastewater, discharging the treated wastewater into the water system.

Digita is a provider of digital infrastructure and services and the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts. The company owns and operates Finland’s leading national terrestrial television and radio network, acts as a pay-TV operator for the antenna network, and develops future broadcasting services. Digita’s telecommunications services include private networks, indoor coverage solutions, telecommunications rooftop management services, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) and data center services. Services are provided to media companies, consumers, mobile operators, industry, infrastructure companies and property owners. Digita employs 180 experts nationwide.