The City of Hyvinkää and Digita have entered into an agreement concerning the use of the city’s
properties in the development of mobile networks. “Our collaboration has only just
begun and is in the early stages, but so far things have gone well”, the City of Hyvinkää’s
Electrical Project Manager Anssi Juntunen says.

Juntunen, who has worked for the City of Hyvinkää since 2007, finds the collaboration with Digita
beneficial. “We want to provide better networks for the city residents while harmonising our own operations and contract portfolio.”

With digitalisation and fast technological development, the volume of traffic on wireless
network connections is growing rapidly.

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration being launched with the City of Hyvinkää, which
allows us to expand our offering of high-quality digital infrastructure for mobile operators and other parties building mobile networks in the Hyvinkää region as well. Within the collaboration, Digita is responsible for all leasing and contract management related to telecom operations, and our customer can focus on their own core business”, Digita’s Chief Operating Officer Markus Ala-Hautala says.

Media contacts:

City of Hyvinkää, Electrical Project Manager Anssi Juntunen, tel. +358 (0)40 079 7870,

Digita Ltd, Communications and Marketing Director Minna Flink, tel. +358 (0)40 742 8849,