The City of Hämeenlinna and Digita are launching a collaboration to develop mobile networks in the city. In practice, Digita will be managing the premises leased to operators going forward, enabling coordinated and consistent processes.

With digitalisation and rapid technological development, the number of devices connected to mobile networks and the rate of mobile data usage is expected to see a record-breaking increase this decade. The amount of traffic in mobile networks is growing fast. To ensure that existing infrastructure can meet this developing demand and to expand service to new frequencies, the need to build and maintain base stations is more pressing than ever.

“Our cooperation with Digita allows us to standardise our practices when it comes to leasing out rooftop base stations and offer our customers better and more expert service. With the collaboration we are launching now, the City of Hämeenlinna’s real estate management can redirect more of its resources to its core operations and improve its facility management”, explains the City of Hämeenlinna’s Director of Real Estate Management, Tuomas Koskiniemi.

“We are extremely pleased to be launching our collaboration with the City of Hämeenlinna. It allows us to expand our offering of high-quality digital infrastructure for mobile operators and other parties building mobile networks in the Hämeenlinna region. Digita will be responsible for the technical management of base station locations, and we will be taking care of all leasing and contract administration related to telecom operations, allowing our customer to focus on their own operations”, says Digita’s COO Markus Ala-Hautala.

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