Finland is undergoing an HD transition, which means that after a phased transition, free TV broadcasts will be broadcast in HD quality only. The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle will be the first to end basic-quality, i.e., SD broadcasts in spring 2025. During the summer 2025, they will also end on other Finnish TV channels. The HD transition will increase the HD offering on terrestrial television. This summer, we recommend ensuring that the TV in your second home or summerhouse is up to date.

If you are already watching Yle, MTV3 and Nelonen HD broadcasts at your summerhouse, your receiver is HD-capable. If your summerhouse has a modern functioning UHF antenna covering channels 21 to 48 and there have been no issues with the TV reception, there is probably no need to change the antenna either. Sometimes you need an additional antenna preamplifier.

If HD channels are not visible and the antenna system is up-to-date, you should purchase a new HD TV. In this case, make sure the receiver has a DVB-T2 tuner. Most new TVs sold in Finland have it. You can check model-specific information at

“We get many questions about TV reception at summerhouses. Most commonly, the questions are related to determining the best direction of the antenna, repairing the antenna or purchasing one. Antenna solutions for single-family houses and summerhouses do not really differ from each other. However, the reception conditions can be more challenging at the summerhouse. Attention should be paid to the orientation, placement and efficiency of the antenna,” says Jani Saari, Business Manager, Digita TV. 

“We always emphasize that you should rely on professionals to help you with your antenna, and you should never compromise on safety,” says Saari. You can find qualified regional DigitaPRO installers on Digita’s website.

In Finland, there are approximately 600,000 vacation homes and summerhouses. The majority of summerhouses receive their TV signal via the terrestrial television network. The terrestrial television network covers 99.9% of Mainland Finland. Its coverage area is designed to cover main residences, but thanks to its nationwide coverage, reception is usually also possible at summerhouses. Read more about watching TV at the summerhouse.

The HD transition will be implemented in collaboration with the TV industry and Traficom.

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