A new free channel, Koti TV, launches on Digita’s terrestrial television network on 14 December 2020, airing at 11 a.m. on channel 33.

Koti TV offers elderly people physical rehabilitation and stimulating memory rehabilitation at a distance, as well as cultural and educational content. The public service channel’s objective is to produce content that makes elderly people’s days more rewarding, encourage stimulating activities, make elderly people more active and help them build a daily rhythm. Initially, the channel will broadcast for a period of a few hours each day and will be available as part of terrestrial multiplex A throughout Finland.

“We understand that television is a familiar and easy-to-use form of media for the elderly and that many watch it on a daily basis. Television lets us reach elderly people effectively,” says Sami Hautaniemi, CEO of Kuntopaikka HH Oy/Kuntoa Kansalle.

The content of the service has been tailored to be suitable for elderly people who have varying degrees of physical mobility. It reaches those living at home without assistance, those using home help services and those living in sheltered housing.

“The content is produced in close collaboration with experts in a number of fields relevant to ageing. Once the channel has been launched, we will collect feedback from experts, the relatives of elderly people and, of course, the people using the service in order to develop it further,” says Producer Timo Ylitalo of Kuntopaikka HH Oy.

“We are delighted with the new Koti TV channel that is available throughout the country. New free-to-watch channels are a testament to the vitality of Antenna TV and the fact that there is continuous demand for new content,” says Teppo Ahonen, Vice President, Television at Digita.

“The service promise and business model of Koti TV haven’t been tried before in Finland, and it is an honour to be part of the development of this new concept. Over the course of the coming year, we are going to see the service concept of Koti TV expand on Digita’s other services and we believe the service will be guiding the way for the whole industry,” says Juha Ourila, Business Development Manager at Digita.

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The Koti TV channel was added to the channel list of Digita’s terrestrial television network on 9 December 2020 and it can be pre-tuned for the inaugural broadcast on 14 December 2020. Most receivers automatically search for new channels, but some televisions or set-top boxes may require retuning or a reset to factory presets. Instructions on how to search for new channels can be found on Digita’s website and in your device’s user manual. Digita Info is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at +358 20 411 7676 or info@digita.fi.

Media contacts:

Kuntopaikka HH Oy / Kuntoa Kansalle, CEO Sami Hautaniemi, tel. +358 40 541 7006, sami.hautaniemi(a)kuntoakansalle.fi

Digita Oy, Business Development Manager, Juha Ourila, tel. +358 40 552 3266, juha.ourila(a)digita.fi

Koti TV offers elderly people physical rehabilitation and stimulating memory rehabilitation at a distance, as well as cultural and educational content. The free channel will initially broadcast for a few hours each weekday. Koti TV can be found on Digita’s terrestrial television network on channel 33 starting 14 December 2020.

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