Digita is an official partner of the new season of the Masked Singer Finland reality TV show that began on MTV3 on Saturday, 17 October 2020. Digita and MTV have launched a new Hybrid TV app that promises to revolutionise the way we watch television.

The Hybrid TV app enriches the viewers’ experience of Masked Singer Finland by bringing them a “blue button” that they can press to view, for example, all the clues that will be given during the season. “One completely new feature is additional clues that Hybrid TV viewers can access by logging into the app via Facebook. Once logged in, Hybrid TV viewers are also able to see which of their Facebook friends are online watching the show. Incorporating social media into Hybrid TV services makes the community aspect of television more visible to viewers”, explains Digita’s Director of Video Delivery Services Teppo Ahonen.

Hybrid TV apps like the one developed for the Masked Singer Finland reality TV show provide advertisers with a great new way to reach viewers and activate them to buy products conveniently with the press of a remote control button. “By partnering with television programmes, advertisers can use Hybrid TV services to promote their brand and incorporate tactical components such as prize draws”, Ahonen explains.

Hybrid TV also opens up a whole new range of advertising opportunities for businesses. “Hybrid TV provides an interactive advertising platform that can be used to grab viewers’ attention not just during television programmes but also commercial breaks or when a viewer changes the channel. Traditional television and online advertising are a good marriage”, Ahonen says. Metrics on the effectiveness of incorporating interactive elements into traditional advertising speak for themselves: the click-through rate for television commercials enriched with Hybrid TV elements can be as high as 60%. “In my opinion, these new advertising opportunities are simply too good to miss”, Ahonen adds.

There are currently approximately 600,000 Hybrid TV receivers in Finland, and the services are therefore enjoyed by around one million people. And the number continues to increase as devices are replaced. On average, approximately half of the more than half a million Hybrid TV receivers, i.e. between 250,000 and 300,000 separate devices, are turned on daily. Hybrid TV services are currently provided on Digita’s terrestrial television network and Telia’s cable TV network.

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