[HELSINKI], 9 February 2023 – In March, Digita will be opening its new Pieni Paja data center in Pasila, Helsinki. The new data center meets the highest security standards. The data center environment, located at an Internet and telecommunications hub, ensures Digita’s customers have the best possible communication links.

“Pieni Paja is designed for companies and public-sector organizations that value maximum security and want the best communication links available. Digita has extensive experience working with organizations that demand high information security” says Digita’s COO Markus Ala-Hautala.

The new data center meets the varying needs of different customers in a flexible way.

“We are able to tailor our solutions flexibly and cost-effectively while ensuring that we meet the information security requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. Our data center solutions, as well as their security, access control and monitoring, are always implemented according to the customer’s needs,” said Digita’s Data Center Director Juha Syrjänen.

Digita’s 24-hour service center ensures the effective and secure operation of Pieni Paja and Digita’s other data center environments. The service center is in control of operations such as monitoring the data center environments, camera surveillance, audited access routes, biometric identification and access control.

The service center is manned by security-vetted Digita personnel with years of experience in the industry. They are responsible for all customer service, monitoring and specialist tasks concerning Digita’s data centers, allowing them to react extremely quickly to disruptions and sudden changes.

The new data center hosts a wide variety of different telecommunications operators. This ensures customer organizations have a number of options for high-speed communication links, allowing them to enjoy smoother day-to-day international operations.

Pieni Paja’s infrastructure, such as its power supply, cooling and backup power, are all redundant. In emergencies, uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed by a diesel generator for up to several days. Communication links are exceptionally reliable thanks to multiple physical routes and the presence of several operators at all times.

The energy-efficiency and sustainability of operations are ensured by cooperation with the national public broadcasting company Yle and the energy company Helen, which are also located on the campus. The data center is powered entirely by Nordic wind energy. The cooling and air conditioning systems in the facility are integrated in such a way that heat recovered from condensers is efficiently transferred to Helen’s district cooling network.

Media contact:

Digita Ltd, Director, Data Center Juha Syrjänen, tel. +358 50 486 7676, juha.syrjanen(a)digita.fi