Digita has launched a campaign to help support Finnish society during the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus. Digita is also extending this invitation to any of its IoT customers who provide services to critical target groups with respect to the coronavirus, such as home carers, nursing homes, those caring for close relatives and those working in healthcare. Vesratio Oy has already signed up.

“The coronavirus epidemic has placed us in a challenging situation with respect to the care of the elderly and other risk groups. Visits from relatives are largely prohibited and people over 70 have been obliged to remain in conditions akin to quarantine. This is sure to raise concerns among relatives and carers about how these people are coping at home. We want to do what we can to even slightly alleviate these concerns using the opportunities afforded by IoT technology,” says Ari Kuukka, Director, IoT Services at Digita. 

“Vesratio will be participating in Digita’s campaign. Vesratio specialises in remote monitoring to facilitate the daily lives of the elderly and those with dementia or restricted mobility, and will be providing its Vesratio Care and Vesratio Koti services without a monthly fee until the end of 2020,” says Kuukka.

“We provide a greater understanding of the lives of elderly people living at home. Vesratio Care is a service aimed at home carers and nursing homes. Tirelessly and with full respect for privacy, it displays information about all of the residents on a single, giant screen for the carers to monitor. This information can also be forwarded to elderly people’s relatives,” says Antti Pellinen, a director at Vesratio.

Vesratio Koti is a similar service targeted at the relatives of elderly people. Even though visits are not currently possible, relatives will still be able to receive information about how their loved one’s life is going. The system will check whether an elderly person is moving and sleeping at the right time, and will trigger an alert if, for example, a window has been left open or overly dry air is endangering respiratory tract, mucous membrane or skin health,” says Timo Tuononen, a director at Vesratio. “The system also detects and alerts users to slow changes that a human would not necessarily notice.”

Digita is a stable domestic operator that offers a complete infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT) as a service platform for its partners’ solutions. Digita’s IoT network boasts nationwide coverage in Finland, with outdoor coverage of 99 per cent of the population and indoor coverage of 96 per cent of the population. Its IoT network is also used by many basic infrastructure providers, such as water, electricity and heating companies.  Digita has taken a variety of precautionary measures to ensure that service standards will remain high even during exceptional circumstances. In addition to its IoT network, Digita’s service offering includes nationwide TV and radio networks that are now playing an even more important role in safeguarding security of supply and reliable information flow during the current state of emergency. 

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Vesratio Oy, Antti Pellinen, +358 (0)40 547 7044, antti.pellinen@vesratio.com 

At Vesratio, we understand the IT needs of care activities at home, in home care, and in nursing homes. We continually and unobtrusively collect data from homes and apartments with the aid of sensor technology. These measurements are then combined with information obtained from relatives and carers. Our own cloud-based AI then analyses this data and presents it to carers in an easy-to-understand format. Vesratio Oy was established in 2018 and its headquarters are in Lappeenranta. The company provides services all over the world. www.vesratio.com

Digita owns and operates Finland’s leading terrestrial network for nationwide TV and radio transmissions, and is the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts. The company is a provider of digital software and services. Digita’s services include telecommunication masts, data centre and IoT services, and broadcasting services for the future. Digita provides services to Finland’s largest mobile phone operators, internet and media companies, infrastructure enterprises and real estate owners. Digita employs 180 experts across Finland. www.digita.fi