Digita Oy and WRM Systems Oy have signed a long-term cooperation agreement. This means that in the future, Digita’s OmaVesi cloud service for remote-read water meters will be produced by WRM Systems. The OmaVesi service enables water utilities and their customers to monitor and manage their water consumption.

This collaboration allows existing OmaVesi customers to gain access to new features and benefits. WRM Systems’ solution provides water utilities with a platform for monitoring water consumption, the network’s water balance, leaks and alarms through a fully browser-based service. In addition, water utility customers will receive their own service for monitoring water consumption, weekly and monthly consumption reports directly via email, and text messages for leaks.

“Like other industries, water distribution will improve significantly with digitization. We are excited to be part of this development together WRM Systems. Our collaboration allows us to ensure our customers have the best platform and user experience as they monitor water consumption and leaks,” says Markus Ala-Hautala, COO, SVP Telecom, Digita.

“Dozens of water utilities have digitized their remote water reading with our LoRaWAN-based IoT solutions, and the OmaVesi service provides an excellent platform for monitoring. We will contact all our current OmaVesi customers soon to explain the impacts and benefits of the change. No action is required from our customers, as the service will continue as before,” says Tuomas Kolkka, Vice President of IoT Services.

“The new collaboration with Digita enables WRM Systems to provide a great product package and product development: WRM Systems can focus on product development and maintenance, while Digita continues its excellent work with marketing and sales. The new OmaVesi service already offers many features for water utilities as well as for their customers, and we are always developing new features for the service,” say founders and owners Jukka Happonen and Jarkko Okkonen from WRM Systems.

“Remote water reading has increased significantly over the past years in Finland. From the beginning, WRM Systems has been developing a service for water utilities to manage meters as well as to monitor water consumption and the water balance in the network. With this service, it is also possible to communicate directly with customers regarding things such as meter replacements and repairs in the network in the form of mass text messages,” continue Happonen and Okkonen.

In the future, Digita will function as the vendor of the reading service, while WRM Systems is the service developer and administrator. Digita is responsible for customer relationships, contracts, invoicing and marketing. WRM Systems is responsible for the technical implementation, maintenance, development and support.

Media contacts

Digita Oy, Vice President, IoT, Tuomas Kolkka, tuomas.kolkka(a)digita.fi, +358 50 340 9073

WRM Systems Oy, CEO, Jukka Happonen, jukka.happonen(a)wrm-systems.fi, +358 45 6500 780,

WRM Systems Oy is a Finland-based company specializing in remote water meter reading. WRM Systems’ solution is in use at more than 100 water plants in Finland. WRM Systems’ vision is to pioneer digital transformation in the water industry and to provide easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective services to its customers. WRM Systems’ values include customer orientation, innovation and sustainability.