The cooperation between Digita and Wapice, which began in 2017, was originally focused on the development of industrial IoT services. In addition to this, the two companies have now developed Smart City solutions to meet the needs of modern cities. Their solutions give customers new ways of improving eco-efficiency and the quality of life of their cities’ residents. The central focus is developing a better and more sustainable society.

Together, Wapice and Digita are able to offer a range of solutions to cities investing in a sustainable and smart future, whether those solutions are related to metering water and energy consumption, managing traffic jams, smart buildings, monitoring waste management or monitoring the condition of the road network.

“IoT solutions create cost savings for cities, increase efficiency and improve the services residents have access to. In addition, they can easily be used to create entirely new services,” says Markus Mäkelä, IoT-TICKET® Development Director at Wapice, summarising the benefits of Smart City projects. “Wapice brings to this project a package of the most advanced tools and reporting applications on the market, allowing cities to track the data produced by different functions and innovate to create new applications. The IoT-TICKET® solution, awarded in Microsoft’s global Partner of the Year competition, enables the creation of digital services in a matter of hours and also takes into account the growing need for data analytics,” Mäkelä continues.

“Digita has a nationwide IoT network based on LoRaWAN technology that serves customers in both cities and in sparsely populated areas. Thanks to the comprehensive network maintained 24/7/365, the monitoring and control of various networked devices is simple and cost-effective without the need for complex local network or gateway solutions in the locations where cities need the services,” says Ari Kuukka,Director of IoT Services at Digita. “The digitalisation of water services, property maintenance and monitoring of the condition of the road network are examples of how our IoT network and smart sensors are already being used in large-scale applications,” Kuukka continues. 

Together, the two companies offer an effortless way to launch the development of a smart city’s services through expertise and excellent solutions built up over the course of years of work.

Media contacts:

Wapice Oy, IoT TICKET® Development Director Markus J. Mäkelä, markus.makela(at), tel. +358 10 277 5014.

Digita Oy, Director, IoT Services Ari Kuukka, ari.kuukka(at),
tel. +358 40 149 7942.

Wapice is a full-service software company that provides solutions to leading industrial companies around the world. Our mission is to act as our customers’ technology partner and help them make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. IoT-TICKET®, developed by Wapice, is an award-winning cloud-based Internet of Things platform that offers unique usability and adaptability to the customer’s digital business activities. IoT-TICKET® is a Key Flag product, certifying that it is made in Finland.

Digita owns and operates Finland’s leading terrestrial network for nationwide TV and radio transmissions, and is the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts. The company is a provider of digital software and services. Digita’s services include telecommunication masts, data centre and IoT services, and broadcasting services for the future. Digita provides services to Finland’s largest mobile phone operators, internet and media companies, infrastructure enterprises and real estate owners. Digita employs 180 experts across Finland.