Digita and the municipality of Jokioinen started collaborating last year. In a successful pilot, they investigated how they could implement data transfer for remotely readable meters. After the pilot period ended in the summer, the parties signed a five-year agreement on the digitalization of the water supply in Digita’s LoRaWAN IoT network.

Johannes Koski is the acting technical director at the municipality of Jokioinen. Koski, who is responsible for the technology, has worked for the municipality for just over a year. A core team of fewer than ten people ensures an efficient water supply in Jokioinen.

Jokioinen started considering the digitalization of the water supply in 2021. The municipality wanted to find out how this could be done while still serving water supply customers in the best possible way. “Digita’s services simplify invoicing, enable us to automate work, and make it easier to locate possible leaks,” explains Koski.

Cooperation with Digita has been informative and interactive. “Digita’s technical support has been great, and they have kept us up to date on new technologies,” says Koski.

According to Mona Miettinen, Senior Sales Manager for IoT services at Digita, they have had interesting discussions with the customer about the possibilities associated with IoT. From the very beginning, the customer has been keen to hear about the opportunities that come with digitalization.

Media inquiries:

Municipality of Jokioinen, Johannes Koski, acting Technical Director, tel. +358 (0)44 493 7500, johannes.koski(a)jokioinen.fi

Digita Ltd, Senior Sales Manager, IoT Services, tel. +358 (0)40 072 1700, mona.miettinen@digita.fi

Jokioinen is a municipality of just over 5,000 inhabitants in the southwestern Häme region, in the middle of a triangle formed by the cities of Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku. The municipality was founded in 1873. The Swedish name of the municipality is Jockis kommun. Jokioinen belongs to the region of Tavastia Proper. The municipality is neighbored by the cities of Forssa and Somero and the municipalities of Humppila, Tammela, and Ypäjä.

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